Ms. Norwood's

Civics & Economics Class

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Our objective is to develop higher order thinking skills, while stimulating interest in Civics and Economics. Students are expected to be on time in class, with all necessary materials (notebook, writing utensils, color pencils, and glue stick) and be ready to work. We will have fun but we will also work hard.

Tentative Course Outline:

  1. Foundations and Documents
  2. National Government
  3. Judicial Systems
  4. State and Local Government
  5. Political Parties and Elections
  6. Citizenship
  7. Economics


Show respect at all times for yourself, classmates, and Ms. Norwood.

You will be asked to participate in class everyday.

You will write something everyday.

You will communicate with classmates everyday.

Join in on our discussions. We want to know your opinion on things. YOU MATTER!