7th Grade English


All Writing Assessments/Mini-Projects are Past Due!

If you have not turned in your Writing Assessment, it has affected your grade negatively. All students were given a second due date that has come and gone. You must complete and turn in all work to remove the "0" in the grade book. Get your work in ASAP!


February 18, 2019 - No School

All work should be completed by the due dates.

Please speak with your child regarding phone use during school time. Phones are for emergencies only or teacher directed activities. Unfortunately, students are not using their phones responsibly. This includes playing games, texting, taking pictures/videos and using various social media formats during school time. This is taking time from instruction when a teacher has to address it. Also, this causes the phones to have little or no charge at dismissal time. Phones are not to be charged at school so this can cause a problem if the phone is needed after dismissal.


  • On a piece of paper, copy the quote below and turn into Mrs. Cramblit for $3 of Cougar Cash.

"Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me." - Carol Burnett

(Each quote can only be used once but keep an eye out for the next quote.)

Click below to review CMS's Uniform Policy. All school policies are followed in our classroom.

CMS Uniform Policies

Supplies Needed for English Class:

1) 1 Composition Notebook

2) Multiple Pencils (Preferably mechanical to eliminate having to sharpen pencils)

3) Multiple Pens (Any color except red or yellow.)

4) Loose Leaf Notebook

5) Personal Glue Sticks

6) Jump Drive

7) Personal Ear Buds

8) Optional: Personal Box of Crayons/Colored Pencils

9) Optional: Personal Blunted Scissors