Algebra 1

with Mr. Densley


Class Announcements:

Welcome to Quarter #2!

Unit 4 Quiz - Friday, November 9th

Unit 4 Test - Friday, November 16th

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 21st

The leaves are changing colors, football and hockey are in full swing, and we've got Quarterly Exams on November 1st and 2nd!

First Quarter ends Monday, November 5th!

Enjoy the day off on Tuesday, November 6th while all the adults are exercising their right to vote!

Mid-October Update:

Students finished Unit 2 today with their first unit test.

10.17 - Start Unit 3 on Inequalities

10.26 - Unit 3 Test

10.31 - Last day to turn in late/makeup work for Quarter 1

Save the Date:

PTA Fall Dance: Nov. 2nd

First 9 Weeks Ends: Nov. 5th

Election Day (Students do not report): Nov. 6th

Student Led Conferences: Nov. 7th 4-6 PM

1. After-school tutoring begins October 9th and will continue every Tuesday and Thursday (except 10/11, I have a meeting after school). Students just need a signed note from a parent or guardian permitting them to stay after school.

2. Our Unit 2 Test will be held Tuesday, October 16th.

3. A progress report is headed home on October 9th, which will need to be reviewed and signed for a homework grade.

Heads up...Quiz #2 is coming up this Thursday! The quiz will be covering:

  • One-step equations
  • Two-step equations
  • Multi-step equations
  • Equations with Variables on Opposite Sides

Heads up! Our first quiz will be Wednesday, September 26th. This quiz will cover all of Unit 1, including:

  • Translating Expressions & Equations
  • Identifying the Properties of Real Numbers
  • Distributive Property & Combining Like Terms
  • Perfect Square Roots & Perfect Cube Roots
  • Simplifying Expressions using Order of Operations
  • Evaluating Expressions using Order of Operations

Hello students and parents! I have missed seeing you all in class, but I am hopeful that everyone is staying safe and dry. Newport News Public Schools has announced that classes will resume on Monday September 17th. Don't forget about your Translating Expressions - Night 1 Homework and we will pick up with Translating Equations when we get back!

Picture Day will still be on Monday, September 17th!

First week grades for Algebra have been posted! These grades will include two homework grades - one for bringing back the signed syllabus and the other for completing their "All About Me" survey. There will also be two classwork grades - one for our High School Credit Scavenger Hunt from Thursday, September 6th and the other for their notebook check.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone on Tuesday, September 4th!!!