Welcome to 8th Grade English

Response to Reading Homework Due Friday, 12/8

The following is to be included with your notebook on Friday. Each day must be complete and accurate to receive full credit.

Independent Reading Journal Prompts #1

Answer each question in complete sentences in your notebook. Each response needs to answer every part of the prompt and may require three or more sentences. Use the sentence starter to begin your response. Each response should be completed on the date indicated, but all five will be graded on the next notebook collection.

Monday, November 27, 2017: What is the problem or conflict of your book? Which characters are involved? How do you think the problem or conflict might be solved?

Sentence starter: The conflict or problem in my book is...

Wednesday, November 29, 2017: What is the setting of your story? Remember that setting is both place and time of the story. Your book will most likely not tell you exactly when and where it takes place, but you can find clues in the story. Is this a modern story (computers, video games, shopping malls, etc.)? Does it take place in a city, suburb, or farm area? Be sure to tell the clues that give the setting of your story.

Sentence starter: My story takes place… I can tell because…

Friday, December 1, 2017: Describe a minor character in your book. Identify the character by name and describe him/her. What is the character’s part in the story? How does this character feel about the main character and vice-versa? Use examples from the story.

Sentence starter: A minor character in my book is…

Tuesday, December 5, 2017: Are the events in your book realistic or unrealistic? Could they really happen, are they fantasy, or a mix of both? Explain using specific examples from the book.

Sentence starter: My book is realistic/unrealistic because…

Thursday, December 7, 2017: Who is the antagonist (bad guy) in your book? Describe this character and the way they “oppose”, or work against, the main character.

Sentence starter: The antagonist of my book is…

Homework Due Tuesday, 12/5

Homework/ Classwork Due 12/4

Summarize a newspaper article in at least five sentences. You may choose any article from local or national news that it not sports related (news papers were supplied in class).

Classwork Due 12/1

Homework Due 11/30/17

You received a copy of this in class. If you have lost your copy of the assignment, write you answers on a sheet of notebook paper.

Homework Due 11/29/17

Hook- Students are to write their hook, bridge, and thesis for the prompt below. They may use the thesis we worked on in class (also below).

Prompt: People often credit their successes to having good attitudes. Explain the benefits of having a good attitude, even during a difficult time. Provide examples from your own experiences or from having witnessed this in others.

Thesis: Having a good attitude is beneficial because it lowers stress, it leads to more confidence, and it makes difficult tasks more enjoyable.

The following is an example:

  • Hook: When I was in the 7th grade, I had a friend named Rob. He was an extremely negative person and everything seemed to go wrong for him. He always seemed to fail tests even when he knew the material. He would walk in saying, "I already know I am going to fail," and he would. When his ball team would play, he would sit on the bench and say things like, "We're never going to beat this team." He had decided that they had lost before they had even played the game.
  • Bridge:As can be seen, Rob's negativity contributed to his failure. If he had been more positive, he could have avoided a lot of his problems.
  • Thesis: Having a good attitude is beneficial because it lowers stress, it leads to more confidence, and it makes difficult tasks more enjoyable.

Unit 3 Vocab Crossword

Classwork Due 11/10/17

Directions: Rewrite the following sentence with commas in the correct locations.

After you finish your homework you can go out with your friends.

Matt brought the lunches but I forgot to bring the plates and napkins.

Although Sam was absent from class he was able to get the notes from a friend.

____The train is an inexpensive way to travel long distances yet it takes much longer than travelling by plane.

When Stephen handed in his homework he forgot to give the teacher the last page.

Mary decided to play football so Madison went shopping.

After the football game ended the players walked off the field.

You need to write in pencil on the test and you must fill in the bubbles completely.

Weekly Update:11/08/17-11/01/17 and 11/13/17-11/17/17

The new Unit 3 vocabulary words are posted. The students received a hard copy of the words in their mailboxes this week. Students should be studying each night. The first quiz will be on Wednesday, November 15. This will be over the first five words.

We will go to the library on Wednesday, November 15 as a class. The students need to bring their books.

The students have assigned reading in their independent reading books on the following dates:

Wed- 11/8

Thurs- 11/9

Friday- 11/10

Monday 11/13

Wednesday 11/15

Thursday 11/16

Friday 11/17

Notebook collection will be during the week of Thanksgiving break before the students leave. The students should use the weekend to make up any readings they have missed (they should have a total of 7 readings when the notebooks are collected).

If you have any questions, please email me at Michael.Mitzel@nn.k12.va.us


Weekly Update: 10/09/17-10/13/17

This week the students will continue to work through Unit 2. On Wednesday the students will take a quiz over the new vocabulary words (1-5). I have instructed the students to look at the old quizzes for the way the questions are asked. I recommend that the students spend 10 to 15 minutes each night reviewing these words. Also, the students should look the words up on an online dictionary to find synonyms and antonyms as these are frequently asked on the quiz (e.g. "Which word has the same meaning as __________?" or "Which of the following mean the opposite of ___________?").

Student reading logs are an important part of the homework grade. Students must read each night it is assigned. On Friday, students were assigned the second reading for homeowrk. On Monday evening, the e students should have completed their third reading (20 minutes). Notebooks will be collected and checked next Wednesday. The students will need to have seven reading logs for full credit.

Finally, as many of you know, I will be out for three weeks as my wife is pregnant. This will be my last week. As it stands now, the sub will be giving vocabulary quizzes on Wednesdays, the students will go to the library as a class next week and then again in two weeks, and the students will take their quarterly and complete their essay for unit two sometime during the week of October 30th. During my absence, please contact the long term sub for specific testing dates or if you have questions about an assignment. Unit then, please email me at michael.mitzel@nn.k12.va.us. I will be returning on Monday, November 6.


This Week

•Wednesday- Vocab (Unit 2 words 1-5)

•Reading Log- Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (3-6)

Weekly Update: 09/25/17-09/29/17

This week the students will work through texts 5-8 in their ODELL unit. The students will focus on specific elements of the texts including summary and text dependent questions. On Thursday, the students will read texts 7 and 8 on their own and write a two paragraph response based on the articles. Finally, the students will work through our non-negotiable grammar lesson. This lesson features a review of the skills they learned in 6th and 7th grade, and are now non-negotiable in the sense that they will be required to follow them each time they write. All MODs have had the reading log introduced in class. It is the expectation that students are reading for 20 minutes and recording it in their notebooks on the nights it is assigned. There will be a notebook check next Thursday (10/5). The students will have logged eight readings.

Due This Week

•Wednesday - Book Project due in class (see projects tab for details)

•Wednesday - Vocabulary Quiz (1-15; see the vocab tab above for a list of the words)

•Thursday - Response to reading Texts #7-8 (completed in class)

•Reading Log - Last Friday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (5)

•Next Week, Wednesday- All book due for return/renewal.

•October 9- Mid-Quarterly Exam

Weekly Update: 09/11/17-09/15/17

This week the students will begin their first reading unit. We will focus on reading closely for details and asking questions about a text. The students were given their first vocabulary list last week and should be studying each night in preparation for the quiz this week. The quiz will be on Thursday and will cover the first five words. I put a link to the vocabulary at the top of this page. Students can view the words or download a copy if they would like to print one to keep at home.

•This week we will go to the library as a class. Students, who did not return books from last year, need to bring them on Wednesday. All students must have finished summer reading in order to complete the summer reading project, due 9/27. The instructions are posted under the "Projects" tab at the top of this page. All materials have been distributed in class.

If you have any questions, please email me at Michael.Mitzel@nn.k12.va.us


Welcome to English 8. Check out what we are doing this week:

  • Syllabus Review
  • Getting to know you
  • Text #5 online assignment
  • Summer Reading Project (Due September 27th)

Homework Due 11/17/17

You received a copy of this in class. If you have lost your copy of the assignment, write you answers on a sheet of notebook paper. Do not worry about recreating the crossword grid. The numbers in the grid are difficult to read in the upload.