Mrs. Ferguson's 2nd Grade

The Hilton Hustle was this weekend and it is by far one of my favorite events we have all year. I didn't get as many pictures and I would have liked but here are a few. Enjoy!

This past week we also filled up our marble jar and the class voted on a show and tell day. They loved bringing in their special items and sharing with the class why those items were so special to them. We also had 2 students, Sha and Caleb on them morning show this week for demonstrating be kind, do kind in our classroom.

Class picnic! As our class reward for filling up our marble jar this week the students voted and we had a nice picnic outside on Friday. It was the perfect day for one!

Career Day! What a great opportunity for students to learn about different types of careers that are out there. So many students came dressed up in the career of their choice, and those who didn't still knew exactly what they wanted to be!

Pictures from our Christmas Party! Thank you to all that came out and helped, it was so much fun!

Student Led Conference Night! The students worked for several weeks putting together their digital portfolio to share with parents. They shared favorite memories, their strengths and goals, and work they were proud off. Thank you to all the parents that came out to conference with their child!

Hat Musical!