Ms. Godwin

6th grade Science/Social Studies

Welcome to Hines Middle School 2018-2019 School Year!

Unit 1: Scientific Investigation

-Scientific Investigation & Inquiry

-Nature of Science


-Making Measurements

-Lab Safety

Unit 2: Watershed

-Importance of wetlands

-Types of wetlands

-How humans affect watersheds

-Water quality in a watershed

-Parts of a watershed

-Water properties

Unit 3: Matter

-Matter and atoms

-Interaction of atoms to form new substances

-Chemical symbols and formulas

-Water properties

-Water quality

Unit 4: Environment

-Renewable and nonrenewable resources

-Cost/benefits analysis

-Energy sources

Unit 5: Weather

-Composition of air

-Layers of the atmosphere

-Atmospheric measurements

-Weather conditions

-Solar energy

-Water cycle

Unit 6: Space

-Size of and relative distance between the planets

-Role of gravity

-History and technology of space

-Moon phases

-Unique properties of Earth