The Chaulkboard

Hi everybody! In this era of covid-19, everything seems new and uncertain. I want to keep in touch with as many of my students and parents as possible. I've been doing this mostly through our Google Classrooms and my Facebook Group.

If you are a student in Grades 6 or 7 at Lake Academy, please check our Google Classrooms regularly for riddles, activities, and just to keep in touch with me and our classmates. If you can't remember your login, email me - - and I will get that information for you.

If you are a parent of a student in Grade 6 or 7, please join our closed Facebook Group - just look for Ms. Chaulk's Class 2019-2020. You will have to answer a couple of questions to confirm that you have a student in my classes and then you will be a member of this group. If you do not use Facebook, please send me an email at and we'll come up with another plan.

I will not be updating this website, but focusing on our Classrooms and Facebook Group instead. Stay Healthy!

This is our website for everything you need to know about Grade 6 and 7 Science and English Language Arts and Grade 7 Technology. Items common to both grades - such as book orders and links to some sites - can be found on this page. Check here for news about our classes, assignments, homework, and other class news as well as some interesting links.

I've created a closed Facebook Group for keeping in touch with my students' parents. Look for the group "Ms. Chaulk's Class 2019-2020" and request to join it. To protect privacy, I will only accept requests from names I recognize as the parents of my students.

Old Chaulkboard

Scholastic Book Orders

Our last book order before Christmas was just sent! Our next book order will be in January!

You can also place your order online! Just look for my name. Spend $30 and get a free book!