Midterm Exams

Please click here for 2017-2018 Midterm Exam Schedule


Good luck to you on your midterm exams. Teachers and administration hope that all your hard work has paid off and that you will do well on your midterm exams. Remember, the more preparation you put into your study, the better you will do.

Just so that you are fully informed, here are our exam expectations:

· Morning exams begin at 8:30 and end at 10:30.

· Afternoon exams begin at 12:00 and end at 2:00.

· Students must enter the exam room in a calm and quiet manner. If a student has an exam on his or her desk, and he or she is caught talking, he or she may be accused of cheating and asked to leave the exam room. At that point, you may receive a mark of zero.

· When students enter the gym, students are to put any book bags, outside jackets, purses, cell phones at the front of the gym. Preference is that students leave these items in their lockers.

· No electronic devices (e.g. cell phones) are permitted on your person in the exam room (exception: calculator which has the memory cleared).

· Students may bring WATER ONLY into the exam room. No fruit juices, coffee, etc.

· Students must use BLUE or BLACK ink only except in cases where teachers have approved the use of pencil.

· If you need anything while writing the exam, please raise your hand and wait for a teacher to come to you; don’t speak to other students.

· Once the exam starts, students are not permitted to leave the exam room for a period of one hour. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the full two hours.

· Students who have exam conflicts must come directly to the main office once they have written their morning exams.

· Dinner is from 11:00-12:00. Students are responsible for bringing their own lunches. The Challenging Needs students will be preparing hotdogs for sale.

· During 8:30-10:30 and 12:00-2:20, students must be in the Gym, Art Room, or Biology Lab (187). Please note that many students will be studying for exams, so please be quiet while you are in the Biology Lab and of course students in the Art Room are to be quiet as well as exams are being written at this time. Students are not permitted to roam or loiter in the corridors.

· There are no dinner time bus runs.

· If there is a school closure (e.g. snow storm), then one of two things will happen: if half day, then exam will be moved to the end of the exam schedule; if full day, then entire schedule will shift ahead one full day. Please check our school webpage and/or Twitter (@QERHS) for updates.