Counseling Services at Queen Elizabeth Regional High

The Guidance Center at Queen Elizabeth Regional High School offers a variety of support services to students. Our counselor, Ms. Christina Watton, provides individual counseling, course selection advice, information on post-secondary institutions and scholarships, career counseling and psycho-educational assessment.

The Guidance Center is located in the second floor lobby. Students may refer themselves for an appointment with the counselor or they may be referred by the administration, staff, and/or parent. If a student is self-referred, he/she submits a request for an appointment to the counselor in person. The counselor arranges the appointment and contacts the student as to date and time. Students can make an appointment to see Ms. Watton prior to homeroom in the morning or afternoon, during recess or during lunch time and or after dismissal at 2:20 p.m. Except in cases of emergency, students will not meet with the counselor during a test or have repeated appointments during a given subject time

The Guidance Program attempts to assist students in achieving optimal development in all areas of their lives including the areas of personal, career, social, and educational development. The counselors provide opportunities to enhance the personal strengths of students through their sponsorship of extra-curricular activities such as the Eco-Team, the Student Leadership Team and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Program.

In keeping with the premise that the delivery of a school guidance program is a shared responsibility, all the members of the school staff are considered part of the Guidance team.

Ms. Watton is always eager and willing to meet with parents and students to review student goals and progress, or any other concern that they may have.


You can contact Ms. Watton via email at the following:

or by calling the School at (709) 834-2081/2082