To Mrs. Greene-Trainor's Guidance Page

Welcome to my page. My name is Megan Greene-Trainor, and I am thrilled to be the Guidance Counsellor for White Hills Academy, James Cook Memorial and Truman Eddison Memorial this year. I am originally from the area, and am eager to get to know (and work with) all of the students, staff, and families in the area. The Guidance program at White Hills, Truman Eddison and James Cook is responsible for a wide range of services. It is designed to to assist students in achieving their potential. This includes helping students in many areas of their lives; including areas of personal, career, social and educational development.

The Guidance program offers a variety of support services to students. I provide individual and group counselling services, referrals/connections to outside agencies, connection to resources, formal and informal assessments, and consultation with students and parents/guardians. For Grade 12 students, I also offer course selection advice, information on post-secondary institutions and scholarships, career counseling, and much more. Students may refer themselves for a meeting with me or they may be referred by administration, staff, and/or parents/guardians. In addition, I am a member of the school's Student Support Services Team. In this aspect of my role, I am involved in monitoring students with particular learning and behavioral needs, individualized education plans and accommodations.

I invite you to click on a topic in the navigational panel to see available resources. Please check back frequently for updates. Feel free to contact me at the phone numbers or email address provided with any questions or concerns you may have.


Megan Greene-Trainor

White Hills Academy (709) 454-2202

James Cook Memorial (709) 249-4196

Truman Eddison Memorial (709) 623-2010