Mr. Barnes


Welcome to our Math, Physics, and Chemistry (OMG) Page at WHITE HILLS ACADEMY in St. Anthony, NL. I am Mr. Barnes, your friendly neighborhood math, chemistry(OMG), and physics teacher. This is NOT a homework Page! Students are expected to get all homework, test, quiz, and assignment dates from Mr. Barnes and the white board in the classroom and in Google Classroom. I do have a calendar below to update Test and Assignments ONLY.

If anyone forgets their Google information please email at Parents can also email me here as well or call the school.

Good luck Studying!


Need extra help? Check out my YouTube Channel. You can also see me in school to set up a time for some extra help.

Contacting Mr. Barnes:

Suggested Supplies


  • Casio FX - 300ES Plus or

  • Casio FX - 991ES Plus

For Math 3200:

  • TI-83/84 along with a Casio

Binder for each course


Lots of Pencils

Missing Notes?

All filled in notes are in the google classroom or in the resource folders above.

Miss an Assessment?

An excused note/email/call must be provided by a parent or guardian. Contact Mr. Barnes if you have a concern.

Quizlet Account: MRWJB3