Build the base

Step 1: Open Sketch Up and Choose Template. From there you need to select Woodworking - Millimeters. Then click Start Using SketchUp.

Step 2: Select the Rectangle Tool and Draw a rectangle that is 14cm, 18cm (you can type this in AFTER you chose a starting point for your rectangle).

Step 3: Next you want to select the Tape Measure Tool. Click the right edge of the rectangle and move your mouse to the interior of the rectangle. Next type 65mm and press enter. A guideline will appear like the one shown below.

Step 4: Using the Measuring Tape like above, draw other guideline 65mm from the left side.

Step 5: Make another guideline using the Measuring Tape tool. This time, from the bottom edge and 40mm in.

Step 6: Select the Circle Tool (in the drop down for the Rectangular Tool). Click the Intersection point of the two guidelines. Move your mouse to make a circle, then type 3 and press enter (If you do not write in a unit of measure SketchUp assumes mm because that is the template you chose). You should get a circle like the one shown below.

Step 7: Repeat the process for the other intersection point. Remember its a 3mm circle.

Step 8: We are done with the guidelines so we can delete them. Click Edit..Delete Guides.

Step 9: Next we need to delete the holes we created. Click the Select Tool and click on a hole. Press the Delete Key on your keyboard. Repeat for the other hole.

Step 10: Next, select the Push/Pull button. Click on the rectangle to select it. Move your mouse up and then type 20mm and press Enter. Your rectangle should extrude to look 3 dimensional.

Step 11: We should group your object so that it moves as one piece. Using the Select Tool, drag a box around the whole base and then click Edit..Make Group.

Step 12: Save your file!