Math 9-3

Below is the Homework/What We Did in Class. If you are looking for the course descriptor, class notes or the textbook, you can access that from the Math 9-3 Folder. Note that the notes are exactly what we have written on the board or talked about in class and may not make the most sense out of context.

There is a district wide website that has videos, self assessments, and a unit review (with answer key). You can access those resources on the NLESD Mathematics 9 webpage.

Friday, Oct 12th

Gave back and went over assignment. Test on Monday.

Thursday, Oct 11th

Finished chapter assignment. Test moved to Monday.

Wednesday, Oct 10th

Started chapter assignment

Tuesday, Oct 9th

Finished Section 1.4

Monday, Oct 8th

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, Oct 5th

PD Day

Thursday, Oct 4th

Continue with Section 1.4; next week the plan is to finish the section, give an assignment and maybe the test Oct 12th or Oct 15th.

Wednesday, Oct 3rd

Start Section 1.4

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd

pg. 31 8(b) and/or 8(c)

Monday, Oct. 1st

Continue with Section 3.1; test should be in the end of next week (around Oct 12).

Friday, Sept 28th

Started Section 3.1; Test should be in two weeks.

Thursday, Sept. 27th

Quiz today and worked on pythagoras sheet

Wednesday, Sept 26th

Continued with pythagoras and reviewed for quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, Sept 25th

Start Pythagoras Theorem

Friday, Sept 21st

Continue with estimation of non perfect fractions pg. 18 #5, 6, 11 (we will finish on Monday)

Thursday, Sept 20th

Start estimation of non perfect fractions

Wednesday, Sept 19th

Finish work on pg. 18, exit card, and find a square root between two numbers

Tuesday, Sept 18th

Examine the decimal square roots. pg 18# 4, 7, 10(a)

Monday, Sept 17th

Copy What We Learned for Section 1.1 on square roots of perfect squares and Start Section 1.2

Friday, Sept 14th

Set work pg. 11 #3, 5, 6, 7 (8, 9)

Thursday, Sept 13th

Finish Section 1.1