Traffic Flow

Please see important information and diagram below regarding traffic flow in and around our new Gander Elementary parking lot. . .


We have a high number of students being dropped-off and picked-up at school. The parking lots were designed to ease traffic congestion, and to make entering and exiting the building easier for our students. Please see diagram below outlining school traffic flow at Gander Elementary.

1. Parent Drop-Off: This is a quick stop drop-off lane, for brief student departures from the vehicles. Students are encouraged to exit on the right hand side vehicle door nearest the front of the school.

2. Bus Loading/Unloading: Busses only are permitted to enter the bus lanes which encircle the rear of the building for bus loading and unloading. This enables the separation of bus traffic (toward the rear of the building) from passenger vehicle traffic (toward the front of the building) for the safety of our students.

3. Parking: Visitor and staff parking zones are provided at the front of the building for the convenience of our visitors and staff members. Please ensure that you park in the appropriate zone. Please Note: This is NOT a drop-off zone.

Thank you for helping to ensure the safety of everyone at Gander Elementary.