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Gander Lake

Gander Elementary's School Counsellor is Ms. Kellie O'Rielly-Mercer. Ms. O'Rielly-Mercer's office is located upstairs in the school and she can be contacted via e-mail or telephone.

The roles and responsibilities of a School Counsellor in an elementary school include:

  • administering educational assessments, i.e. cognitive, achievement and behavioral;
  • communicating with involved community and government agencies related to children's education, health and well-being;
  • providing individual counselling and group counselling;
  • providing education and information to students, parents and staff regarding children's educational, behavioral, social and wellness issues;
  • providing leadership in character education programs and initiatives; and
  • serving as a member of the school's Student Support Services team.

Welcome to Gander Elementary's Guidance Office!

Appointments to see our School Counsellor can be made in person, by telephone or via-email. Ms. O'Rielly-Mercer can be reached at: