Gander Elementary Staff 2017-2018

*Please note that positions and grade level configurations below are subject to change.

Administration and Office Staff

Duane Smith (Principal):

Naomi Young (Assistant Principal):

Wendy Reynolds (School Secretary):

Guidance Counsellor

Kellie O'Rielly-Mercer:

Grade 4

Cynthia Bursey (FI):

Megan Canning (FI):

Dina Healey:

Stephanie Inder:

Holly McDonald:

Marsha O'Rielly-Pittman:

Grade 5

Bernard Baker:

Darren Earle:

Rex Kean:

Chantale Newman (Core French)

Shayna Northcott (FI):

Claire Skanes (FI):

Melissa Troke:

Grade 6

Wanda Brown (ICF):

Wanda Jullien (ICF):

Brian Kennedy (FI):

Nicole Ozon (FI):

Deanne Walsh (ICF):

Breena Young (ICF):


Christopher Hillyard:

Physical Education

Ed Traverse:

Library Learning Commons

Naomi Young:


Darren Earle:

Instructional Resource Teachers

Juliana Gosse:

Patricia Howell:

Carolyn Keefe:

Dayna McDonough:

Deanne Shugarue:

Student Assistants

Wanda Cooze

Debbie Oldford

Ruby Rogers

Tracey Sargent

Custodial Staff

Baxter Blackmore (Maintenance/Custodian)

Lynette Cooze (Utility/Janitorial)

Teena Harbin (Utility/Janitorial)