Math 9-H

As a rule, homework is seat work that was not completed during class time. Normally ample time is given during class to finish seat work, however, sometimes circumstances will take away from the class time allotted for seat work. Course work will be checked occasionally, but it is your responsibility to be caught up on class work.

Unit 4 Blank Booklet PDF. Unit 4 Booklet completed to date.

Unit 9 Blank Booklet PDF. Unit 9 Booklet completed to date.

Jan 10: All class work is now due. Practice sets in the booklet need to be submitted on Google Classroom before class on Monday to be counted for a grade. Open Book In Class Assignment is 4th period on Monday. 3rd period on Monday will be used to review booklet questions. You should make sure your booklet is complete before Monday's class. I will not allow a print out of the course notes during the assessment.

Dec 16: Definition sheets need to be completed and submitted for a grade. Complete Practice Set 1 (Pages 6 and 7) of the booklet for next class. See the above PDFs for guidance.

Unit 3 Blank Booklet PDF. Unit 3 Booklet completed to date.

Dec 3: Unit 3 test on Tuesday, December 10. The booklet link is up to date. We will be covering the remainder of the stuff in the booklet (Division of rational numbers and order of operations) during tomorrow's classes and will have a class for review before the test. You should be able to complete the practice test on page 16 of your booklet after tomorrow.

Nov 15: Started unit 3 today. Booklets were handed out. Students should have up to page 3 completed. See the link above for a blank copy of the booklet and the completed version from class.

Unit 2 Blank Booklet PDF. Unit 2 Booklet completed to date.

Nov 4: Unit 2 Test moved to Wednesday, November 13. If you haven't completed the first practice test that I handed out today, I need to see it completed on Thursday, Nov 7.

Nov 1: Unit 2 Test Thursday, November 7. Please make sure your booklet is up to date using link above.

Oct 23: Quiz on sections 2.1 - 2.3 Monday, October 28.

Oct 15: Complete pages 5 and 6 in booklet (the questions from the text).

Oct 7: Unit 1 test on Thursday, October 10. You need to complete the practice quiz and show me that it is done. Practice questions in the textbook: Pg. 46-47, # 16, 19 and pg 48, all questions.

Sept 27: Please have page 20 of your booklet completed and quickly review the formulas on page 21

Sept 24: Please complete booklet up to page 20 including the questions assigned on that page. I will be checking these on Thursday's class. Click here for the PDF file.

Sept 17: Your Quiz on sections 1.1-1.2 is on Monday, September 23, 2nd period.

Sept 13: Please complete booklet up to page 12. Click here for the PDF file.

Sept 12: Have booklet completed up to and including page 10 questions.

Sept 9: Started Unit 1 today. Please complete exercises on page 4 of the booklet if it wasn't completed in class today.

Sept 6: If you haven't already brought in an exercise book for Welcome Work, please bring one for Monday.