Journey 301 Core Classes

Growing deep so you can stand firm!

Stay tuned for our next course beginning in 2024!

As followers of Jesus, we believe the object of our faith matters. We need proper understanding and solid foundations to help us grow in our faith. Our Journey 301 courses are designed to help any believer better understand Christian orthodoxy in order to apply it to everyday life. To that end, we’ve developed three primary courses to serve as foundational pillars, which include: Christian story, Christian beliefs, and Christian formation.  We'll also be offering elective classes as the need arises to address modern day cultural issues.  Continue scrolling for further details and to review past and upcoming classes offered.

Classes in this course will cover the basic storyline of Scripture. The goal of this course is to help disciples understand, explain, and participate in the true story of the world in deeper and richer ways.

As believers, there are foundational truths we hold firm to in the Christian faith. We want to develop classes in this course that will help every follower of Jesus understand, explain, and apply the basic confessions of Christianity.

We understand that developing spiritual habits is not the point of our faith, but forming these habits in our life certainly help us as we learn to love God and love others.  These classes will be centered around understanding and applying both ancient and modern day spiritual disciplines to help shape our hearts and mind into Christlikeness. 

We know as believers we are supposed to be in the world, but not of the world, however when cultures clash it can often be confusing to know what's right, and how to best address certain cultural situations from a biblical worldview.  So, from time to time, we'll develop classes that help Christians navigate present and relevant cultural concerns.

Explore Missions_2023

Every follower of Jesus has a part to play in God's mission. What's yours?  This Journey 301 course will be an introduction to missions through three lenses: God’s world, God’s word, and God’s work. Whether you go across the world or grow in your desire to pray and send others, this course will help build a foundation to be part of God's plan to reach the nations!  For more information contact Rodney Howell at

Biblical Stewardship_2022/23

This fall and spring we will be offering a formation class called "Biblical Stewardship."   We believe kingdom stewardship is our earthly response to God's ownership.  We all have three primary things, in varying proportions, which God has placed within our realm to manage.  These include time, talents, and treasure.  Join us as we discover biblical principles on each of these realms of our life and develop some practical tools to help us become godly stewards of what God has entrusted to us.  This course isn't currently available but may be offered again. 

Biblical Theology_2021/22

What is biblical theology? You may have never really read the Bible, been reading the Bible for years, or have no idea where to start when it comes to reading through Scripture. People often misinterpret, misunderstand, or may even wield God's written text as a weapon to promote personal convictions or agendas. Misinterpreting or misappropriating God's word is not a new phenomenon, so to help any believer interact accordingly with the Bible, it's important to read and understand it in light of God's grand story. That's what biblical theology is at its heart. It's understanding the big story, so we can properly interpret the smaller stories as God speaks into our everyday life.  This course isn't currently available but may be offered again.