Student Registration

Welcome to North Kingstown School Department Student Registration

To start the registration process for your child you must schedule an appointment.

Contact Information: or call 401-268-6504 to make an appointment. REGISTRATION BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Where do I register my child for school?

Student registration is located at 100 Romano Vineyard Way, Suite 120

North Kingstown, RI 02852


What are the requirements to enter kindergarten and first grade?

Admission of Resident Students

A Child Outreach Screening must be completed prior to entry into kindergarten. A screening completed in the school year prior to entry into kindergarten is acceptable. Screenings by appointment are available most weekdays and during kindergarten registration. Please email in Child Outreach or by phone 401-541-6350 with any questions or to make an appointment.

Required Immunizations for School Purposes

NK Schools Immunizations Policy

Can I send my child to NK Schools if we do not live in the district?

Admission of Non-Resident Students

What documentation do I need to register?

All documents must be presented at time of registration appointment.

1. Proof of residency:

Parents who are homeowners (must live in the home) can bring a current property tax bill, water bill, electric bill.

Parents who are renting can bring a current lease or rental agreement with your name and address and landlord's name and phone number and a current electric bill.

2. Birth certificate (Must be translated in English) or Passport for each child you are registering

3. A certified copy of the most recent court order identifying each parent's respective award of physical custody - if applicable.

3. Immunization records and Physical Exam for each child

4. Picture identification of parent registering child

5. Grades 1-8 most recent copy of report card

6. Grades 9-12 MUST have a copy of their transcript and most recent report card (must be translated in English)

Additional Information

Students entering Grades 9-12

Appointments to discuss your child's schedule with North Kingstown High School Guidance will not be made until AFTER all documents have been submitted and the registration process is complete.

Pre-School Students

If you are interested in registering your child for preschool, or have questions about the PK Programs in North Kingstown Schools, please call Fishing Cove Elementary School at 401-268-6580.

What school will my child attend?

Please click on the link below to view school boundaries.

NK Boundary Directories


Can I request a different school in North Kingstown?

Requesting a different school building is done by submitting a Building Transfer Request form to the Superintendent's office. All requests are reviewed in early August and must be submitted annually. During the school year, please contact with any questions.