Type of Nkplush

Home made / Fan-made

Made by Nekokevin


All of plush you saw on my Deviant Art are made by my self. You can see the changes in my work from beginner to present. Every commission are made by myself too.

Made by Shunnkai

(2019~) My work partner / apprentice

He help me to make some extra plushies, such as Starlight XL, Poniko XL and Poniko mini in 2019. There is already a certain level of production, and the plush made by him will be send after my inspection.

Starlight XL

Head by N.K.Mane by Zichenbody and assembly by Shunnkai

Poniko XL

Head by N.K.body and mane by Shunnkai

Poniko mini

By Shunnkai


By Shunnkai

Mass distribution (OEM)

The purpose of setting up OEM plush is to make it faster and cheaper for fans to get plush.

OEM refers here to projects that are assisted by other studios to distinguish the difference from homemade plush. For plush manufacturers, the standard production of plush orders is at least 500, so the mass production mentioned here is actually custom-made plush. So it not as cheap as the commercially available plush.

Made by Zichen


They are a plush studio in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The members are about 5-6 people and are professional plush producers. Their embroidery is outsourced, so the embroidery quality is better than the average home machine. Their quality is very good and the production is quite accurate. Sometimes I feel that they are doing better than me.

The projects they have assisted in making:

Fluttershy L 2016

Poniko L 2017

(The front one)

Twilight L 2017

Sunset L 2018

Unicorns XL 2019

Rarity L 2019

Rainbow Dash L 2019

Made by Yan


A plush factory in Yancheng, Jiangsu. The scale of business is unknown. Assisted in the production of Derpy and Starlight. Although they can produce much plush in a short time, due to some quality problems (Not "perfect" enough but still good), cooperation has stopped. Some numbered XLSG plush on hoof is Made by them.

Derpy plush XL 2017

Starlight XL 2018