First time visit our website or have concerns about the quality of the fixed style plushies? Here are some photos and actual feedback collected on Twitter .

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L Fluttershy, fixed stytle






L, Gallus, bidding

Jack of a Few Trades


A wild Gallus appears! He’s so HANDSOME IM GONNA DIE. Big thanks to @NKPlush for making such a beautiful plushie of the bestest boy. My life is a little more complete now :)

L, bidding

Stephen Goldthorp

feedback by email

Thanks for sending them swiftly.

The box was nice and firm.

Together with the plastic bags, wrap a sturdy box.

Managed to keep the Plushies safe and dry.

Quite happy with them and now admiring the quality of them.

XL sunburst, fixed stytle
XL size Sunburst




worth every penny

XL Starlight, XL sunburst, fixed stytle

Thanks for the amazing plush @nkplush and partners!

L Starlight, Custom


I absolutely love how Starlight Glimmer turned out. She looks so adorable! Thank you very much @NKPlush for making her. :)

L Pinkie Pie, fixed stytle

They have finally found their way to Austria. @NKPlush thank you so much for your effort. They came out way more than perfect. I love them

L Sweetie Belle, fixed stytle

@NKPlush Ask not for whom the Belle tolls... it tolls for me

XL custom plush


XL Poniko, XL fluttershy, fixed stytle

Came home from work to a package: a package that contained a Fluttershy plush that a friend of mine ordered for me as a gift ;w; She's...she's so cute

Poniko made by: @NKPlush

Fluttershy made by: @AZ_urier

2XL Celestia, custom plush

大太陽屁屁安全到新家了~ 小太陽有點好奇,龐克太陽好像有點意見,最後大太陽靠壓制解決了一切!

感謝@NKPlush 的細心製作!

L Coco, custom plush



It is a very beautiful and lovely plush !! I'm so happy, because Coco is my favorite character.

Thank you @NKPlush !!

XL Starlight, fixed stytle


@NKPlush さんから注文しましたStarlight glimmer XL が到着しましたー


XL Starlight, fixed stytle


1/5 I did a thing! First time I see #MLP paired with #Tesla. My god, #StarlightGlimmer and #Model3 looks so perfect and cute! Superb job @NKPlush! The quality is 11/10. Worth every penny!

XL Fluttershy, fixed stytle


Lovely Fluttershy arrived from @NKPlush !