Ordering information

  1. NKPLUSH is unaffiliated with Hasbro. Please support more Hasbro official products.
  2. Read the instructions before you ask questions.
  3. Be friendly! MLP is all about friendship and being kind to others, and as a fellow enthusiast, I hope you take these lessons to heart!
  4. Be financially responsible with your plush purchases. Custom plushes are not cheap, and I don't want anybody straining their budget on account of my plushes!
  5. No urgent orders! The average wait time for one of my plushes is about one to two year.
  6. I only make cute plushes in keeping with the show's themes. Please do not request anything violent or dark. Also, I do not accept orders for anything of a sexual nature.
  7. OCs must have detailed images I can use for a guide. Please try to include several angles with consistent styles. Also, include separate files for the eyes and cutie mark.

Order process:

  1. Read the Ordering information and understand the Puppet Specifications
  2. Fill out the form on the order page
  3. Receive Email Confirmation if you being chosen.
  4. Discussion details.
  5. Payment
  6. Complete Subscription (Your name will appear in the production schedule)

Payment method:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card or debit card

Delivery method:

  • Send by post (Air mail/ EMS)
  • S.F. Express (Cooperation with UPS)


  • NKPLUSH have all rights reserved.
  • Additional comments/questions can be discussed in any message.
  • After you send the form, you will receive a email with total price . The order is considered complete after I recieve payment.
  • If the form is incorrectly filled in or if the request is beyond my ability, I reserve the right to decline your order.
  • I take photos of all plushes I complete, and may post them on various different sites.

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