A.P. Psychology

During the summer, in preparation for your study of Psychology, you are required to read a book selected from the list of books prepared for this course. You may choose to read any book from the list, which includes many well-written, engaging works that have something worthwhile to say about one or another aspect of psychology. Be sure to read a synopsis of the book prior to purchase/ reading so that you can best find a book that meets your interests. Do not read a book that does not interest you and/or may have material that you may find unpleasant to read.

Online Postings:

For your summer reading you will be expected to post a weekly journal response. Many of you have already used the note taking strategy known as “Cornell Notes”. Due date: Your online postings will be due on a weekly basis every Friday and three page entry will be due the first day of class. Your first quarter grade will reflect the completion of summer reading and the online postings. Failure to turn in your summer assignment on the first day or to complete your postings throughout the summer will result in your withdrawal from the course.

Explanation of the purpose of the journal, and of the process you should follow in completing it, follows:

I. Purpose:

Thoughtful and insightful posts go beyond simple underlining, highlighting or note-taking. They force you to actively reflect upon the text and engage in metacognition. It also encourage Psychology students to read not in isolation but in a collaborative dialogue with the author, and peers

II. Process:

1. As you read, you should identify anything that interests you and seems worthy of comment: a quote, an idea, a fact, an illustration....whatever provokes your thinking. (You should have 10-15 significant or striking points posted on wikispaces for your summer journal)

2. Post your response to what you are reading. Remember: be selective, choosing and commenting on passages which spark your interest and curiosity. (You should have perhaps 10-15 thoughtful, well-developed responses in posted on wikispaces for your summer journal). Your responses can include critiques, questions, and disagreements, ideas you like (and why), analogies to other readings or ideas, connections to your personal experiences, etc. Each of these responses should be at least one page of writing to address these concepts, and should not be redundant, or a reiteration of prior postings.

3. Remember that this is a dialogue with other readers, so expect that there will be responses from other readers of your journal (i.e.your teacher, and other students).

III. Critical Review of Summer Reading:

After completing the book and your response entries, write a review of the book as a whole in your journal. This review should be in the form of an essay of approximately 3 pages in length double spaced. Some questions that may guide your thoughts are: How does the book as a whole connect to psychology? Do you agree with the authors main ideas? Do you see the same things around you at New Kent High School? Do you have any personal experience with the content you have read about? Is this an accurate portrayal of the psychological condition? What did you like and dislike about the work? (Make sure you provide reasons for both.)

Rubric for Reflective Journal Assignments

The Book List

Most importantly be sure to e-mail me your e-mail (rparry@nkcps.k12.va.us) that you will be posting from all summer so that you can be invited to join the wikispaces where we will be posting. Your first post will be due June 29th, be sure to e-mail me in the next week and have acquired a book before then so that you have time to begin reading and to comment.

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