A.P. Chemistry

Welcome to Advanced Placement Chemistry!

Ap Chem is designed to give high school students college level freshman chemistry credit. It will be taught as a college class with college expectations. You will need to spend several hours a week outside of class as well as in class time. We will have one laboratory session per week and will meet class on an odd/even basis.

Below you will find a printable version of part of the 2010 AP Exam. Completion of this exam is your summer work which will be due on the first day of class in September. While I do not expect correct answers to all sections I do expect to see all sections completed to the best of your ability. You may use your calculators and any textbook or online resources that you can find for the entire test (both sections A and B). Failure to complete this work will result in your reassignment to another class on the first day of school. This is not optional.

I expect all students to take the AP Exam in the spring. If you are not planning to take the exam, please change your class schedule. If you do well on the exam, most colleges will give you credit for your laboratory course requirement when you enroll in your choice of college. Since you may receive college credit I will teach this course as a college class with college level expectations.

If you need to contact me during the summer please feel free to use the email address below:

twatson@nkcps.k12.va.us or atlanticgrowers@gmail.com

In either case put AP Chem in the subject line as it will come into my junk mail folder and will be deleted unless I recognize who you are.

I’m looking forward to a great class! See you in September!

2010 AP Chemistry Free Response Questions.pdf