Learning to sing is an important skill for all musicians. Singing teaches body awareness and trains our ears. It can also promote self confidence and sense of community. You will hear your child singing songs from all styles of music, all around the world, and from varying time periods. Encourage your child to share songs from music class at home.

Each time we sing we work on:

  • proper singing posture (how we hold our body)
  • Good tone (not too airy, not too pushed)
  • projection
  • matching pitch
  • how to be respectful audience member when someone else is performing

We use Kodaly in our classroom, meaning we practice singing patterns with do re mi fa sol la ti do. We use these words with hand signals to sing and identify patterns we hear.

Grade Level Focus & SOL Goals

At NKES, our young prek-1st grade singers focus on short repetitive melodies. We use them practice finding melodic and rhythmic patterns. Simple melodies also allow room for students to create their own instrument accompaniments and movements.

K melodies using Sol & Mi

1st melodies using Sol, La, & Mi

Singers in 2nd and 3rd grade students will begin to learn about the music staff. Songs now have wider range of notes, are longer, and have less repetition. Students will begin to sing songs in round, cannon, and partner form.

2nd Grade

  • Melodies use do, re, mi, sol, la
  • Read melodies on 2-3 line staff (focus on do, re, mi)
  • Can identify notes as line or space on a 5 line staff

3rd Grade

  • Can sing a major and minor scale on solfege syllables
  • Can Identify note letter names on 5 line staff
  • Transfers reading knowledge from 2nd grade to play on recorders

Musicians in 4th & 5th Grade focus less on music reading skills while singing and begin to explore improvisation, solos, and singing in 3-parts. Our music reading skills and practice transfer from singing to playing instruments and composing in these grade levels. We also study and discuss the ways we can change our singing tone for different styles of music.

All 4th & 5th Grade students who enjoy singing should consider joining us before school once a week for the NKES Chorus! No audition or previous experience required.