Playing instruments is as important as singing and moving. We use instruments to explore creating sounds, songs, and accompaniments. Many times your child plays instruments is playing an to reinforce one of these music concepts: steady beat, rhythm patterns, reading melodies, and playing in an ensemble (working as a community.) NKES is blessed to have a large variety of wonderful instruments.

Main Instruments we play:

  • Drums (hand drums, djembes, bongos)
  • Xylophones & glockenspiels
  • Rhythm sticks, maracas, triangles, jinglestick, jinglebells, tone blocks, temple blocks, guiros

Students at our school commonly play instruments at each music class unless we are doing a unit focused on movement or singing. It is rare for us to go more than 2 lessons without playing. My teacher philosophy is if you got it play it. There is no point to protect instruments on a shelf when they were meant to be played.