Movement in music classroom promotes body awareness, spacial awareness, moving respectfully with others, creative problem solving, and self expression. At NKES, student musicians are moving throughout their music lessons. Movement is a wonderful way to reinforce musical concepts and explore them from different points of view. Its also a wonderful way for me as a teacher to assess their musical understanding.

VA Music SOLs contain multiple movement goals for all elementary students grades K-5. These movement goals include experience in group dances, partner dances, creative movement, using movement to show musical form, and adding drama to a poem, story, or song. Your child may also notice many cross over activities in their Physical Education class.

Common Dance Formations

  • circle, circle with partners, concentric circles
  • scattered formation (switching partners)
  • Square Dance, Sicilian circle
  • Line Dance

Common Props

  • scarves, ribbons, parachutes, hula hoops, jump ropes, balloons, paper plates, costumes, etc.