3rd & 4th Grade Recorders

3rd Grade Chorus and Recorder Showcase

Wednesday June 6th, 2018 @7pm in NKES Cafeteria

Mark it in your calendars!

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3rd Grade students at NKES learn to play a flute like instrument called the recorder. We use the recorder to strengthen our music reading skills. It is also an introduction to the concepts of breath support and instrument technique. In the 4th Grade this year (2017-2018) we have decided to continue our recorder lessons and play more advanced music and explore improvising.

All 3rd & 4th Grade Students will need:

  • 1 3-ring binder or folder
  • 1 recorder

All 3rd and 4th grade students will be expected to bring their music and recorder to music class each week.

The recorder purchase fee this year is $5.00. Students are asked to purchase their recorders through the school so that all students will have the same brand. This results in a better tone in class. We use Yahama YRS-20 soprano recorders. Your child may choose from 3 colors pink, blue, or green. If your child has a older sibling who has moved on from NKES or your child is new to NKES from another district, please feel free to use what your family owns.

If you would like to purchase a recorder after our beginning of the year school order, here is the product on amazon.com .

Grade Level Focus & SOL Goals (end of year)

3rd Grade

  • B, A, G, E
  • Songs: Au Claire De Lune, Hot Cross Buns, Starlight Starbright, Lucy Locket, BAGE Blues, Kagome
  • improvisation- 4 beat phrase

4th Grade

  • C, D, E, F, F#, G, A, B, C1, D1
  • Songs: Jingle Bells, Hush Little Baby, This Old Man, Polly Wolly Doodle, Oh When the Saints, Ode to Joy, the c major scale
  • improvisation- up to16 beats (4 measures)