Library Procedures

Each class will be assigned a scheduled library time by the administration to come to the library for book selection and instruction through literature, technology and accessing/evaluating information.

In addition, the library is opened each morning as students arrive to return and select new books. This permits any student to receive a new book to read any day that school is open.


The library is open for student book checkout until 11:30 each day. The library staff encourages students to return, renew and discover new books.


Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are allowed to check out one book that may go home to share with family members.

Second grade classes may earn the right to check out two books if they successfully return books without reminders home.

All students in grades three-five may check out three books.

If a student in 3rd though 5th grade earns a specialty card (blue, silver, or gold) they may check out an additional book.

Library books are checked out for five school days and should be returned or renewed when the students attend their scheduled library class.

If a book is not in high demand, it may be renewed until the reader finishes.


There are no overdue charges for late library books at New Kent Elementary School.

If a student comes to the library on their scheduled class day, they must either return or renew all books in order to check out additional books.

If a single book checked out by a student is overdue for more than two weeks, a note is sent home to inform parents. If a single book is overdue for more than 30 days, the book will be considered lost and a bill will be sent home.


If a book is lost or damaged beyond our repair, replacement cost for the book will be charged.

If a lost book is located, the school will fully refund the cost paid for that book.

Please do not purchase a new book to replace the lost or damaged book as it will not be accepted. Unfortunately we must have a certain quality of book in order to stand up to student use. Please send in requested payment or contact the librarian for further help.