What's going on?

The Elementary Music room is an experiential place of learning. Students in grades K-5 attend music class once a week for 45 minutes, where they will participate in a whole class or small group setting. Together we will sing, play, move to, listen to, create, and most importantly explore music in an inclusive and nurturing environment. By the time they reach 5th grade, students will have a basic understanding of musical concepts they can use to enhance other areas of their lives.

In all grade levels, we will sing, play, and dance to folk music from all over the world.

The lower grades (K-2) will focus on dynamics, simple melodies and rhythms, tempo, instruments, and phrases. By third grade, students will have a basic fluency in music, allowing them to read, play, and write music. Third graders also learn to play the recorder in the second half of the year! In Fourth and fifth grade, students' understanding of musical concepts is much stronger. Fourth graders will focus heavily on ensemble playing and movement, and fifth graders will add ukulele to the mix. These two grades will also have the opportunity to join the Wildcat Chorus, which performs two-three times a year.