Ms. Cooper's First Grade Class

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September 10th-14th

Sight Words- went, come, that, from, was

Math- Ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.); shapes and labeling their sides (square, rectangle, triangle, and circle)

Daily 5- Building stamina during independent reading, writing rainbow sight words, practicing our alphabet formation

Social Studies/Science- Citizenship and how to be a goo citizen

Notes- We are having a great start to the year! Every student is getting along with each other and bringing a unique personality and story to our class discussions! It has become clear this week, as every one comes out of their shells, that our class loves to talk! I love a talkative class! However, that does mean dojo points fluctuate each day depending on the amount of chattiness that day. Please remind your student when are appropriate times to talk and when it is not. Although this week has been extremely chatty, we rocked both fire drills completely silent!!!

September 17th-21st

Sight Words- not, get, had, one, into

Math- Repeating patterns (AB, AABB, ABC); finding the core within patterns; labeling patterns with letters

Daily 5/Language Arts- PALS testing; rhyming words; showing our best work through letter formation and handwriting

Social Studies/Science- the 5 senses; how you can use more than one sense at a time; experiencing each sense

IMPORTANT NOTES- Our class is having amazing success with patterns! We are also doing well at finding rhyming words in the books we read during calendar time. Each huge successes! However, our class is struggling with bathroom times and talking. Due to students constantly leaving the room and students playing in the bathroom, we will be having three class wide bathroom breaks a day. If your child has a medical reason for going more, PLEASE contact me and I will be happy to accommodate. Otherwise, your student will be limited to three bathroom breaks a day. Please have conversations with your student about what appropriate bathroom behavior is and why it is important to stay in the classroom. Thank you so much for your help and patience!!

September 24th-28th

Sight Words- came, down, does, us, were

Math- Repeating patterns (AABB, ABCD, AB) and growing patterns; labeling the patterns with letters and understanding what each letter means for the pattern (change in color, repeat the color, etc.); telling how much a growing pattern is increasing by; say ordinal numbers

Social Studies/Science- Community Helpers; writing cards to the New Kent Fire Department and New Kent Police Department; exploring what volunteering is and what it looks like

IMPORTANT NOTES- Our class is doing a much better job in walking to and from resource, lunch, etc. We are still currently working on our classroom talking as we are still very chatty. Our class has also had cookies brought to them for lunch this week because of their tick-tac-toe compliments and paws. In math we used Fruit Loops to show patterns and got a delicious treat for all our hard work. Next week we begin Daily 5 stations full on, so please make sure your student is reading 15-20 minutes every night to build of their stamina. Please also work on finding and building patterns at home to help to fine tune their skills! Our first month has come to an end and I think we rocked it! Go team go!!

October 1st-5th

Sight Words- girl, him, them, who, when

Daily 5- Writing sight words 3 times each; rainbow words; sentence starters that help us to understand characters in our stories; practicing correct sentence formation with the use of upper case letters at the beginning and punctuation at the end

Math- Ordinal numbers (from top to bottom and left to right); part- part- whole (addition through 10)

Social Studies/ Science- Christopher Columbus; creating a booklet describing his accomplishments

IMPORTANT NOTES- With the first day of October, comes lots of excitement about Halloween and all the ghoulish excitement to come! Please make sure that your student has a healthy and school appropriate food for snack and lunch. Candy, multiple juice packs, and cake are delicious but too sugary for snack and often to much for lunch. We have about ten to 15 minutes usually to eat snack with occasional over time. One to two snacks is all your student is able to eat during that time. Thank you so much for your help and support as we overcome the most spooky month of the year!

October 8th- 12th

Sight Words- if, there, any, did, but

Daily 5- Practicing the difference between fiction and non-fiction; practicing syllable identification; illustrating our sight words; writing them three times each and in rainbow colors; identifying vowels within our sight words

Math- part- part- whole continuation with subtraction; introduction to graphing; practicing writing to 100

Social Studies/ Science- Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); Working to understand the holiday that is similar to Halloween in Spanish speaking countries; experiencing the culture through music, traditions, and visual representations

IMPORTANT NOTES- This week is a fun one! We are working on our Dia de los Muertos unit which is the prelude to our fun Halloween activities. This unit is about understanding the similarities between cultures and exposing students to something new. We will be using google maps, videos, and musical performances to make the information come alive! Please remember to send in healthy school appropriate snacks and to keep the coops students are earning at home! They have been getting misplaced and causing quite the conundrum in our class. Please also be on the lookout for conference sheets being sent home and return as quickly as possible in-order for everyone to receive a time. Adios ahora!!!

October 15th-19th

Sight Words- first, off, his, going, make

Daily 5- Practicing the difference between fiction and non-fiction; practicing consonants with beginning sounds; writing about favorite settings and characters; identifying consonants within sight words; rainbow sight words

Math- graphing based on data, pictures, and tallies; understanding that one value represents one part of the graph; identifying greatest and fewest amounts and comparing the total

Social Studies/Science- Pumpkin investigation; understanding observations and predictions; understanding how collecting data progresses; understanding how displaying data differs in appearance

IMPORTANT NOTES- We are starting our Halloween gravy train! From pumpkin investigations to Halloween patterns, we are diving deep into the ghoulish tricks and treats of the season. As the weather begins to cool, make sure your student has the appropriate apparel for outdoor recess (jackets, closed toe shoes, etc.). Please also reinforce to your students to read every night and practice counting as high as they can. Both reading and math will begin to kick up a notch soon and we want to make sure our skills are top notch!!