Ms. Cooper's First Grade Class

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September 10th-14th

Sight Words- went, come, that, from, was

Math- Ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.); shapes and labeling their sides (square, rectangle, triangle, and circle)

Daily 5- Building stamina during independent reading, writing rainbow sight words, practicing our alphabet formation

Social Studies/Science- Citizenship and how to be a goo citizen

Notes- We are having a great start to the year! Every student is getting along with each other and bringing a unique personality and story to our class discussions! It has become clear this week, as every one comes out of their shells, that our class loves to talk! I love a talkative class! However, that does mean dojo points fluctuate each day depending on the amount of chattiness that day. Please remind your student when are appropriate times to talk and when it is not. Although this week has been extremely chatty, we rocked both fire drills completely silent!!!

September 17th-21st

Sight Words- not, get, had, one, into

Math- Repeating patterns (AB, AABB, ABC); finding the core within patterns; labeling patterns with letters

Daily 5/Language Arts- PALS testing; rhyming words; showing our best work through letter formation and handwriting

Social Studies/Science- the 5 senses; how you can use more than one sense at a time; experiencing each sense

IMPORTANT NOTES- Our class is having amazing success with patterns! We are also doing well at finding rhyming words in the books we read during calendar time. Each huge successes! However, our class is struggling with bathroom times and talking. Due to students constantly leaving the room and students playing in the bathroom, we will be having three class wide bathroom breaks a day. If your child has a medical reason for going more, PLEASE contact me and I will be happy to accommodate. Otherwise, your student will be limited to three bathroom breaks a day. Please have conversations with your student about what appropriate bathroom behavior is and why it is important to stay in the classroom. Thank you so much for your help and patience!!

September 24th-28th

Sight Words- came, down, does, us, were

Math- Repeating patterns (AABB, ABCD, AB) and growing patterns; labeling the patterns with letters and understanding what each letter means for the pattern (change in color, repeat the color, etc.); telling how much a growing pattern is increasing by; say ordinal numbers

Social Studies/Science- Community Helpers; writing cards to the New Kent Fire Department and New Kent Police Department; exploring what volunteering is and what it looks like

IMPORTANT NOTES- Our class is doing a much better job in walking to and from resource, lunch, etc. We are still currently working on our classroom talking as we are still very chatty. Our class has also had cookies brought to them for lunch this week because of their tick-tac-toe compliments and paws. In math we used Fruit Loops to show patterns and got a delicious treat for all our hard work. Next week we begin Daily 5 stations full on, so please make sure your student is reading 15-20 minutes every night to build of their stamina. Please also work on finding and building patterns at home to help to fine tune their skills! Our first month has come to an end and I think we rocked it! Go team go!!

October 1st-5th

Sight Words- girl, him, them, who, when

Daily 5- Writing sight words 3 times each; rainbow words; sentence starters that help us to understand characters in our stories; practicing correct sentence formation with the use of upper case letters at the beginning and punctuation at the end

Math- Ordinal numbers (from top to bottom and left to right); part- part- whole (addition through 10)

Social Studies/ Science- Christopher Columbus; creating a booklet describing his accomplishments

IMPORTANT NOTES- With the first day of October, comes lots of excitement about Halloween and all the ghoulish excitement to come! Please make sure that your student has a healthy and school appropriate food for snack and lunch. Candy, multiple juice packs, and cake are delicious but too sugary for snack and often to much for lunch. We have about ten to 15 minutes usually to eat snack with occasional over time. One to two snacks is all your student is able to eat during that time. Thank you so much for your help and support as we overcome the most spooky month of the year!

October 8th- 12th

Sight Words- if, there, any, did, but

Daily 5- Practicing the difference between fiction and non-fiction; practicing syllable identification; illustrating our sight words; writing them three times each and in rainbow colors; identifying vowels within our sight words

Math- part- part- whole continuation with subtraction; introduction to graphing; practicing writing to 100

Social Studies/ Science- Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); Working to understand the holiday that is similar to Halloween in Spanish speaking countries; experiencing the culture through music, traditions, and visual representations

IMPORTANT NOTES- This week is a fun one! We are working on our Dia de los Muertos unit which is the prelude to our fun Halloween activities. This unit is about understanding the similarities between cultures and exposing students to something new. We will be using google maps, videos, and musical performances to make the information come alive! Please remember to send in healthy school appropriate snacks and to keep the coops students are earning at home! They have been getting misplaced and causing quite the conundrum in our class. Please also be on the lookout for conference sheets being sent home and return as quickly as possible in-order for everyone to receive a time. Adios ahora!!!

October 15th-19th

Sight Words- first, off, his, going, make

Daily 5- Practicing the difference between fiction and non-fiction; practicing consonants with beginning sounds; writing about favorite settings and characters; identifying consonants within sight words; rainbow sight words

Math- graphing based on data, pictures, and tallies; understanding that one value represents one part of the graph; identifying greatest and fewest amounts and comparing the total

Social Studies/Science- Pumpkin investigation; understanding observations and predictions; understanding how collecting data progresses; understanding how displaying data differs in appearance

IMPORTANT NOTES- We are starting our Halloween gravy train! From pumpkin investigations to Halloween patterns, we are diving deep into the ghoulish tricks and treats of the season. As the weather begins to cool, make sure your student has the appropriate apparel for outdoor recess (jackets, closed toe shoes, etc.). Please also reinforce to your students to read every night and practice counting as high as they can. Both reading and math will begin to kick up a notch soon and we want to make sure our skills are top notch!!

October 22nd-26th

Sight Words- sister, two, all, should, would

Daily 5- Practicing identifying our favorite parts along with the problem and solution of the fictional story; practice writing our words and identifying vowels; identifying the short vowel sounds in different words; identifying patterns across different word families; practiced writing different sentences to get ready for forming sentences

Math- continued practicing with graphing with bar graphs, tallies, and converting different data sets to graphs; practiced shapes and identifying their sides and vertices (points); spiraled back to ordinal numbers and reviewing ordinal positions such as top, bottom, left, right

Social Studies/Science: Exploring measurement with rulers; finished our pumpkin experiment with sinking/floating it

IMPORTANT NOTES: We have had a Hallo-screaming time this week! We have done creepy read alouds and made pumpkin filled predictions. As we get closer to the big day, please remind your students to keep all costume pieces at home so they do not get lost and do not cause a distraction. Please also remind your student to bring appropriate layers for the playground. The wind screams during out time! Also if you signed up to bring in things for the party, please know you can send them in anytime. Our stock pile is beginning to grow with supplies! Thank you all so much for making this season awesome! The stories they come in with each day makes the season come alive!


This week we start out new recess schedule. We will have ONE recess daily from 1:00-1:30. This change is to better server our math block and enrichment schedule. We also have our Halloween party this week on Wednesday, October 31st. It will begin after recess around 1:40 ish.


Sight words: over, because, too, don't, where

Daily 5: We have done a lot of assessments this week, working on our understanding of spelling CVC words and understanding tapping out individual words. We have also been working on problem and solution in fiction stories and understanding how settings change throughout the story itself.

Math- This week we have spiraled back to several topics we have previously studied. We have practiced shapes with vertices and sides. We have also worked a lot with ten frames and tallies and understanding how they represent the same information. We are also vigorously working on writing to 100, but our goal is to 30 at the moment.

Science/Social Studies- We have been learning about spiders and all the crazy facts that surround them. We have been looking at non-fiction sources and displaying our information in a KWL chart.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Thank you all so much for all your help and support to make our Halloween party such a huge success! I think the students had a ghostly good time filled with delicious food! Please continue to practice sight words and counting at home! I have also included the information for RAZ kids in the Resource tabs above for students to access at home. The students are very well versed in it and shouldn't have any trouble with getting on! Shouldn't being the key word :)


Daily 5: We are working almost exclusively with CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. We have done -an and -am will be adding may more. Please discuss with your child these word families so they can have extra practice at home. We are continuing with non-fiction but also adding in sequencing. When reading with or to your child, highlight the order of the story and how it would be different if it was in a different order.

Math- This week we are working with place value as well as greater than or less than, greatest and least. These concepts go hand in hand with general number sense, working with our hundreds charts, as well as place value. Our new goal for this quarter is writing to 60. Please make sure your child practices this at least 3 nights.

Science/Social Studies- This week is all about matter. We will be exploring solid, liquid, and gas each day. Your student will probably even be able to tell you how those stages are important in reference to your pet at home!

IMPORTANT NOTES: As holidays and breaks approach, the already high energy in our class is growing. Please remind your student that this is still a time to learn and that they need to focus on getting their work done. We have also been working extensively on various activities for veterans and active duty service men. We are currently writing letters to soldiers at Fort Jackson to have over the holidays. In addition to our soldier and veteran projects, we are collecting canned food and boxed goods for local families in our community. All donations are due by Friday the 16th. Last but not least, your students brought home a turkey on Monday. Please "disguise" him up so he can't be found and avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving. The disguised turkeys are due by Friday the 16th!


We earned pajama day this morning! Students will be allowed to wear pajamas on Friday November 16th!!

Go Ms. Cooper's class go!!!!


We have had an awesome two day week! We won our grade level canned food drive and sent lots of letters to soldiers at Fort Jackson! We also practiced a wide range of skills using various turkey formats. If your student didn't know how to make a turkey before, they do now!!! I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and holiday season! I would love for everyone to read over the break, HOWEVER, I recognize how busy this time of year is. To me, the experiences they are about to have over the next few days are much more important and life impacting than reading. Enjoy the little things that pop-up over the next few days and the conversations that are had alongside them. I can't wait to hear all about them when we return!! I am sure they won't be out of any writing ideas for a few weeks at least!



Daily 5: This week we will be working extensively with short vowel sounds. This means the 5 five do not say their names but have short quick sounds. Our word families include (-at, -an, -am, -og, -ot, -ob, -ib, -it, -in, -ut, -up, etc.). Practicing these word families at home will greatly help your student's sight word knowledge and reading ability.

Math: This week we started estimation given three choices. This concept is very easy for students to grasp but very easy for them to confuse themselves on. They will be given an amount or picture. Based on that amount, they must choice from three choices on which is the best estimation for that amount. The options will be similar to the following: About how many hearts are there? 3,30, 300 After practicing this concept, we will move back to place value. P is a concept we will practice over and over and over because it is an extremely difficult task for them to grasp. Any help you can offer on this to your student is priceless.

Sci/SS: Experiment is the big idea for this week. I want to prepare you! Your students are going to want to perform experiments at home (I apologize!!). Please discuss safe and realistic experiments they can perform alone or with you!

IMPORTANT NOTES: This week is filled with new and exciting things. We are beginning math stations and many students are moving up levels in their reading groups. Please ask your student what they are doing and how they are feeling about their new stations. Your relationship with your student is priceless to my understanding of how they feeling and fitting into our class. Without them feeling comfortable and safe, no learning can happen. Thank you ahead of time so much for your help and expertise!


Daily 5: This week we are working on middle vowel sounds in words. More specifically, we are working on identifying and comparing middle vowels sounds of all the vowels at one time. This can be especially hard when comparing e and i or a and u. In stations, we are working on sentences and forming them correctly with uppercase letters, finger spacing, and punctuation. We also working on being an independent in spelling and tapping out words or looking at words on our word wall. Mistakes show that we are trying!

Math: We continue to work on place value and part-part-whole with subtraction. Subtraction is a very difficult concept because of the idea of losing of an amount and still having some left over. We ALWAYS work with manipulatives or something tangible when doing this to solidify that principle. Please work with your student on subtraction as often as possible, especially with so many fun opportunities coming up for it (cookie eating, present opening, or advent calendar candies being eaten).

Sci/SS: This week we are working with goods and services. This time of year is perfect for that because we give goods in the form of presents but go through many services to get them. While out and about this season, talk to your student about what goods they are seeing and who is providing services. You will be amazed at what they notice! I was!

IMPORTANT NOTES: The big news around our class is the mention of the Holiday Shop and our Winter Party. We have already has our Holiday Shop day, but if for some reason your student missed something, there is a make-up day Friday. The Winter Party is on Tuesday, December 18th. Parents are not invited to this one because our class will turn into a winter workshop that day :). If you would like to donate anything for it, please email me at As always, please remind your student to bring a jacket for recess and where appropriate shoes for it. It is getting mighty chilly outside, so layers and heavier jackets are appreciated!


HAPPY SNOW WEEK!!! I am so excited to see your kiddos' faces again as much as you are excited for them to be back in school!! This week's announcements are going to be a little different because of the short length. Tomorrow, December 14th is pajama day AS WELL AS next Wednesday, December 19th. Our Winter Party is next Tuesday, December 18th. This a student only party because of our elfish behaviors that day :) We started our cookie project today and will continue it through Monday! Please ask your students what each day brought! If you have any questions about anything else that may be going on please email me or send me a dojo message and I will be happy to fill you in! Some of the best plans are the spontaneous kind!


Happy first full week!! I don't know about y'all, but this week has been a whirlwind! We have been cranking out content like it is our job! I am so proud of the work these students have been producing! This is our last week of the 2nd nine weeks so this week has been a mixture of things, so our bullet points below will look a little different. ALSO!! The HOMEWORK PACKET sent home each week is OPTIONAL. Students were begging for more ways to earn treasure box prizes and said they would love to do a homework packet for it. The packet is OPTIONAL and can be turned in fully completed on Friday for a prize out of the treasure box. IT IS NOT MANDATORY!! I am so sorry that this was not clear from the beginning, and I am learning that first graders are very selective in what they share haha! If you also haven't been told, this week the class found out I am having a BOY!! Apparently Mrs. Cooper's class needed more boys! There is also some possible snow in the forecast coming up. If we do get this and are out of school, report cards and grades will most likely be delayed a day or two. If you have any questions on your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact me! Have a great end of the week!!

Daily 5: Reading assessments and spelling tests have been our focus; Sight words: other, friend, made, write, your

Math: Part-part-whole, number sentences, place value, one more and one less then ten more and ten less, group by tens to 110

Sci/SS: Reviewing goods and services, needs and wants, introduction to presidents and what the presidency means

January 28th- February 1st

Just some quick notes for this short week! Our sight words for this week are live, today, ask, people and new! We will be continuing to work with subtraction but stepping up the difficulty with sums above 10. Please continue to work on verbally counting to 120 as well as writing to 120 with no back ward numbers. We also received cookie lunch today (Monday) as part of our class incentive chart! Go team go!!The Fun Run is also quickly approaching, so get ready for many fun things associated with that! Happy Monday!

February 11th- 15th


Happy Valentine’s week! We have been working all week on various Valentine activities and have been LOVING it! In the midst of all the love, I know it is easy to forget some of the details along the way!

  • Our low-key class party is tomorrow, THURSDAY, afternoon after recess.
  • FRIDAY, February 15th is SUPERHERO DAY. Dress like your favorite superhero!

The flu and various other illnesses have been going around first grade and NKES. Please make sure if your student is feeling anything less than normal, please consider keeping them home. This will help them feel better sooner and help to keep the illness from spreading.

We are also in our second week of switching for phonics. Students were assessed and then group with peers from across the first grade. This means that each teacher has a different group of students made up of students from all five first grade classes. This approach is to help meet the students exactly where they are and target their learning in the best way!