Literacy TARGETS

As part of the Literacy Model for New Kent County Public Schools, Literacy TARGETS have been established as a way for teachers to reflect on their classroom planning and practices. Teachers are encouraged to consider each of the TARGETS as a whole when planning lessons along the Instructional Framework and use the best practices set forth as they embed the curriculum and content areas into their literacy block.

T - Thematic

  • Are students accessing multiple genres centered upon a given topic or theme?
  • Are there driving questions provided that students can research while reading and writing?
  • Are paired texts used in instruction?

A - Assessments

  • Are they appropriate?
  • Are they authentic?
  • Are they ability and data driven?

R - Rooted

  • Are lessons developed to include rigor with a plentitude of oral language and content vocabulary?
  • Voracious Reading (independent, shared, and choice driven)
  • Instruction is rooted in text, not stand alone skills practice

G - Gather

  • Guided reading is visible everyday in the elementary classrooms
  • Gather as a community of readers and writers
  • Conferencing one-to-one is evident

E - Engagement

  • Are students engaged in meaningful, appropriate activities submerged in authentic literature?

T - Tiered

  • Are weaker students receiving extended instructional time and/or double dose of instruction daily?
  • Are strong students given enrichment activities?

S - Strategy and Skill Instruction

  • Strategies to monitor comprehension of all texts taught in the beginning of the year and ongoing
    • Visualizing
    • Making Connections
    • Making Predictions
    • Questioning
    • Summarizing
    • Inferring and Drawing Conclusions
    • Determining importance and Synthesizing
  • Skills embedded in mini lessons throughout the year
  • CAFE used in the elementary schools, ACT model in middle school