NKCPS Literacy


The goal of New Kent County Public Schools is to develop all students into proficient readers, writers, researchers, and communicators. Throughout their elementary and secondary educational years, students will engage in meaningful opportunities to cultivate their appreciation of multimodal literacies and understand this development as a process. The end result of this process will be a well-adjusted citizen who is equipped with the knowledge to succeed in society, in any career path he/she chooses.

During the primary years at NKCPS, students will be immersed on a literacy-rich environment where they will develop strong phonological awareness and phonics skills, fluency while reading multiple genres and continuously develop a robust oral vocabulary, which all lead to the ultimate goal of reading - comprehension. In upper elementary through high school, students will continue to develop these skills and continue of their exploration of the different genres and writing styles. Through these many years of language-rich experiences that have been rooted in authentic literature, students will critically evaluate situations and creatively problem solve as they transition to endeavors beyond public education.

All Students Will Succeed

In New Kent County Public Schools, we believe that all children can and will learn when presented with opportunities to succeed in all literacy components. Through differentiation and inclusive classrooms, all students will receive research-based instruction which is systematically and explicitly taught at their instructional level. Intervention and enrichment instruction will be provided for students who are identified through rigorous screenings and longitudinal data. To reach these ambitious goals, students will be provided with the following learning opportunities:

  • Activities that enhance 21st century thinking skills to enhance both oral language and collaboration through multimodal literacies
  • Explicit modeling of strategies and skills to develop fluency, comprehension, and writing
  • Exposure to robust vocabulary through diverse, purposeful literature selections, with content connections
  • Inquiry based driving questions and themes for research and exploration
  • Authentic, purposeful, data-driven instruction as a result of informal and formal assessments
  • Access to plentiful library to foster choice and lifelong reading habits