Virginia Standards of Learning

The kindergarten student will be immersed in a print-rich environment to develop oral language skills, phonological awareness, print awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and an appreciation for literature. The reading of fiction and nonfiction texts will enable students to develop an awareness of print materials as sources of information and enjoyment. The kindergarten student will have the opportunity to use words that describe people, places, and events. The student will recognize and print letters of the alphabet, use the basic phonetic principles of identifying and writing beginning sounds, identify story elements, and communicate ideas through pictures and writing.

Curriculum Framework - 2017 - NKCPS will be implementing the 2017 Standards of Learning for Kindergarten.

Kindergarten SOL's - 2017

Grade K - New Kent County Public Schools Common Quarterly Assessment - 2018-19 documents are updated. Teachers are provided with a blueprint of the standards that are included, what is not included and should be monitored with informal assessments, writing prompts, and rubrics.

NKCPS Kindergarten and Grade 1 Interim Reports