6th Grade

Virginia Standards of Learning

The sixth-grade student will be an active participant in classroom discussions. The student will present personal opinions, understand differing viewpoints, distinguish between fact and opinion, and analyze the effectiveness of group communication. The student will continue in the study of the elements of media literacy as introduced in earlier grades. The student will begin the study of word origins and continue vocabulary development. The student will read independently a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, including a significant number of classic works, for appreciation and comprehension. The student will also plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives, descriptions, and explanations, with attention to composition and style as well as sentence formation, usage, and mechanics. The student will also demonstrate correct use of language, spelling, and mechanics by applying grammatical conventions in writing and speaking. In addition, technology will be used as a tool to research, organize, and communicate information. As in earlier grades, the meaning and consequences of plagiarism will be stressed.

Grade Six SOL's - 2010- NKCPS will be following these standards for the 2017-18 school year. However, certain elements of the new standards will be embedded into instruction after professional development and guidance on implementation.

Curriculum Framework - 2010 - NKCPS will be referencing the 2010 curriculum framework the for the 2018-19 school year. Certain elements of the 2017 standards will be embedded into instruction after professional development and guidance on implementation.

Grade Six SOL's - 2017 - This is a crosswalk year and we will be exploring the changes to the Virginia Standards of Learning for English. Teachers should reference these throughout the year.

Grade 6 SOL Blueprint - Grade 6 teachers should reference this for information pertaining to SOL tests for grade 6. There are many standards that can be included or are subsumed within the testing blueprint.

Grade 6 - New Kent County Public Schools Common Quarterly Assessment - Teachers are provided with a blueprint of the standards that are included, what is not included and should be monitored with informal assessments, writing prompts, and rubrics. This will take place during a predetermined two-week window near the end of the quarter.