4th Grade

Virginia Standards of Learning

In fourth grade, reading and writing skills support an increased emphasis on content-area learning and utilization of a variety of resources to locate and read primary sources of information. A significant percentage of reading material will relate to the study of mathematics, science, and history and social science. The student will use text organizers, summarize information, formulate questions, and draw conclusions to demonstrate reading comprehension. The student will also read classic and contemporary literature selections by a variety of authors. The student will continue to increase communication skills in large- and small-group settings. The introduction of media messages will begin in fourth grade and continue in fifth grade. Additionally, the student will plan, draft, revise, and edit narratives and explanations. The student will routinely use word references while writing. The student will demonstrate comprehension of information resources to research a topic and understand the difference between plagiarism and using his/her own words.

Grade Four SOL's - 2010 - Grade 4 will be primarily following the 2010 standards for the 2018-19 school year except for writing and research.

Curriculum Framework - 2010 - This is a crosswalk year for English Standards of Learning. We will partially implement the 2017 standards with writing and research. The 2010 standards will remain the main source for reading and oral language.

Grade Four SOL's - 2017

Curriculum Framework - 2017

Grade 4 SOL Blueprint - Grade 4 teachers should reference this for information pertaining to SOL tests for grade 4. There are many standards that can be included or are subsumed within the testing blueprint.

Grade 4 - New Kent County Public Schools Common Quarterly Assessment - Teachers are provided with a blueprint of the standards that are included, what is not included and should be monitored with informal assessments, writing prompts, and rubrics. This will take place during a predetermined two-week window near the end of the quarter.