2nd Grade

Virginia Standards of Learning

Reading continues to be a priority in second grade. The student will be immersed in an environment filled with fiction and nonfiction texts, which relate to all areas of the curriculum and interest. The student will expand vocabulary by speaking and listening effectively in classroom discussions, use a combination of strategies when reading, and read familiar selections with fluency and expression. The student will learn comprehension strategies for fiction and nonfiction texts. The student will be asked to identify main ideas, to make and confirm predictions, and to formulate questions about learning in all subjects, with emphasis on materials that reflect the Standards of Learning in mathematics, science, and history and social science. The student will write stories, letters, and simple explanations; apply simple grammatical principles to writing; and locate information in reference materials.

Grade Two SOL's - 2017

Curriculum Framework - 2017 - NKCPS will be implementing the 2017 Standards of Learning for Grade 2.

Grade 2 - New Kent County Public Schools Common Quarterly Assessment - Teachers are provided with a blueprint of the standards that are included, what is not included and should be monitored with informal assessments, writing prompts, and rubrics. This will take place during a predetermined two-week window near the end of the quarter.