Meeting Notes

The Plan for judging rounds during the competition

Core Values Judging Format Core Values Poster is optional in the VA-DC region. A Core Values Poster is encouraged as it provides a conversation guide for both rookie and experienced teams.

1. ~ 5 minutes – Teamwork Activity: When your team enters the judging room, they will be given a short, fun activity while the Judges observe how the team works together. Team introductions should be extremely brief.

2. ~ 5 minutes – Questions and Answers: Time reserved for the Core Values Judges to ask questions about the Teamwork Activity, your displayed Core Values Poster and the season. Core Values Posters are optional in VA-DC. Teams with posters and team without posters should be weighted equally.

Project Judging Format

1. 5 minutes – Project Presentation: When your team enters the judging room, they will have 5 minutes to present their project. All setup is included in the 5 minutes and no adults should help with setup. Team introductions should be extremely brief.

2. 5 minutes – Questions and Answers: Judges will ask questions related to the Project Rubric.

Robot Design Judging Format

A Robot Design Executive Summary (RDES) is optional in our region. RDES is encouraged as it provides a conversation guide for both rookie and experienced teams.

1. ~ 4 minutes – Robot Presentation and Trial Run: When the team enters the judging room, they should be prepared to present their robot and conduct one trial run. Team introductions should be extremely brief.

Robot Presentation (Verbal or written)

The robot presentation should cover the following:

a. Robot Facts

b. Design Details (Fun, Strategy, Design Process)

c. Mechanical Design

d. Programming

e. Innovation

Trial Run

Run the robot briefly to demonstrate how it completes the mission(s) of the team’s choice. Please do not do an entire robot round.

2. ~ 6 minutes – Questions and Answers: Judges will ask questions related to the Robot Design Rubric. It is highly recommended each team have a means of showing some programming.

Field trip information- October 25th 3pm-5pm

  1. Our address is 9101 WRVA Road, Henrico VA 23231.
  2. I will be your Point of Contact my contact information is provided below.
  3. This tour will take 2 hours.
  4. Please tell us number of students and adults planning to attend.
  5. Please provide a cell phone number where we may be able to reach you at the last minute – in our business there are rare situations where we would have to cancel/reschedule a tour at the last minute.
  6. Please, NO open toe shoes (for safety) PLEASE WEAR COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES.
  7. Here is a hyperlink to a video produced about the Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) – I suggest you and your students watch the video before coming for the tour. Please follow up if you have trouble accessing/viewing this video and we could make arrangements for a DVD.
  8. My back up for this tour will be Perry Greene, WRF Superintendent of Operations. I am copying him on this note. Perry’s direct line is 501-7618.
  9. Jane and Pam’s (WRF Admin up front) are copied on this note. Their contact phone number is 501-7600.
  10. Please feel free to contact me directly (my contact information including my cell number is provided below).

James Grandstaff,Division Director,Henrico County Dept. of Public Utilities

Water Reclamation Facility,Wk 804-501-7689,Cell 804-380-9191


9101 WRVA Road

Henrico VA 23231

Changes to meetings and notes for October 20th

The team is making progress. It is a little stressful to get everything done and learn at the same time!

The project is almost done, we will be discussing this with a County expert on the 26th thanks to Ms. Holloway for arranging this! Both Robots are built and the programming has begun. Austin found the missing piece and all mission models are ready for the robot.

The team will meet on October 31st at the regular time.

The team will not meet November 7th (election day)

T-Shirt update: The Design of the t-shirts has been changed by the Manufacturer and the price of the t-shirts will be between $18-$20.00.

ThankYou Donor's Choose.mp4

Thank you to everyone who supports us!

September 2017- Coaches notes

posted Sept. 26,2017

The team has been hard at work building the mission models. We are almost done and ready to start building the Robots.

We have also been working hard on becoming a team with some Core Values activities and we are making progress.

Questions have come up about Tournament/Competition dates: All competitions are on Saturdays all day

Our choices are: November 4th @ Maggie Walker HS, November 11th @ Deep Run HS, and November 18th @ GodwinHS

Coaches will sign up for choices on October 1st. Please let me know your 1st,2nd,and 3rd

August 2017- Coaches notes

posted Sep 3, 2017, 3:56 PM by Elizabeth Kappus

Our 2017-2018 team has started meeting and the results show we have some work to do to be a team.

We have reviewed the challenge for the new season (Hydrodynamics) and the team is discussing the issue.

We also started our "teamwork" quick activities and some of us need to work on the "team" part.

The biggest loss in points last year came from the Core Values.

Please encourage your student to focus and keep team work in mind.

Going to a FIRST competition as a team member is a privilege allowed to those who exhibit the Core Values at every meeting.

We would also like to take a field trip this year- the coaches will keep you posted.

Students will be using scrum folders to stay on task and homework will be in Google Classroom.