About Us

The New Jersey Association for Educational Technology (NJAET) is a professional organization serving a variety of tech enthusiasts. FREE membership is available via our Membership Form. ​We held our first Conference in 1988 when NJAET was a brand new organization with 50 members. Today, events held help build your PLN via the sharing of resources, collaboration and connecting with other professionals.

Our Mission

NJAET is dedicated to helping students, teachers and administrators teach and learn more efficiently and effectively using educational technology.

Founded in 1986, NJAET is governed by the Executive Board. Read more about The Early Years.

NJAET works to promote the use of technology in education via:

  • Regular communication among educators regarding key ideas, resources and innovations.
  • Promotion of effective programs of research and development in educational technology.
  • Acting as a clearinghouse for information and events involving educational technology.
  • Enhancing training and educational opportunities for all regions of New Jersey.
  • Encouraging the application of educational technology and research to the improvement of instructional practice.