Nixon-Smiley Counseling Page

Hello everyone! I know that you may be dealing with some feelings of stress or anxiety, please know we are here even if we are not at school. The counselors have created a google form for you, and if you need us, please fill it out. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We are also going to add some websites to this page that may answer some questions you have!

We are going to post a weekly activity to try with your families every week, this one is called "The Worry Jar."

Worry Jar Activity.webm
Worry Jar- Spanish.mp4
Grounding Activity with 5 senses.webm
Poniendo A Tierra Tus Cinco Sentidos- 5 Senses.webm



Jenny Nugent- Elementary School Counselor-

Darby Clardy-Middle School Counselor-

Erica Jones- High School Counselor-

Maggie Gaytan- All Level Student Service Coordinator-

Moises Para- Middle School Community in Schools-

Jordan Parra- Elementary Community in Schools-

NASEM Forum for Children's Well-Being - COVID-19 Resources