Federal Government Shutdown Policy


Potential Child Care Center Closure Due to Federal Government Shutdown

1. In the event of a Government shutdown will the NIST Child Care Center be open?

No. The Department of Commerce ruled that the NIST Child Care Center (CCC) must be closed if NIST is closed due to a government-wide shutdown.

2. Will families have to pay tuition during a shutdown?

Yes. As of February 8, 2019, the center will continue to charge tuition during the lapse of appropriations when the center is closed, subject to hardship considerations. Late fees will not be charged following a grace period of 5 days after back pay is received. The tuition payments ensure continuity of operations and maintaining the high quality of care upon the re-opening of the government by supporting staff salaries through the furlough period.

NOTE: The BOD will readdress these policy decisions as necessary (i.e., state or duration of closure, intermittent closure, employees receiving back pay, etc.).

3. What circumstances would be considered as financial hardship?

Hardship considerations will be given to those who have to work and pay for alternative care as well as to those families who do not receive back pay.

4. Will the Center teachers and staff be paid during a shutdown?

Yes. The Board considered it imperative that we retain our teachers and staff in the event of a shutdown so that when the government re-opens, the CCC may continue operation at required staff/children ratios. The BOD will readdress as necessary.

5. How would a shutdown impact instruction for the Kindergartners?

The Kindergarten program is required by the Maryland Board of Education (COMAR) Nonpublic School regulation to have at least 170 days of instruction. The CCC is seeking an alternate site for the Kindergarten students to continue to receive instruction. Please contact Ms. Tracey: execdirector@nistkids.org regarding any questions.

6. For an orderly shutdown, government employees are required to come to work for up to ½ day on the first day of the shutdown. Will the Center be open during this time?

Yes. The Center will be open from 6:45 am until 12:30 pm on the first day of a shutdown. All families will have to pick up their children by the closing time of 12:30 pm.

7. How will families know that the Center is reopening after a shutdown?

Families should check the NIST CCC Facebook Page or NIST status line at 1-800-437-4385 (x8000) for a status update.

8. How will the shutdown impact bus transportation to Diamond Elementary for Before and After care families?

During the shutdown period, the MCPS bus will be unable to get onto NIST grounds. Please contact MCPS transportation for options.

MCPS Transportation Phone: (301) 840-8130

9. Contact information

Because NIST emails are not available, please use the following address to contact Ms. Tracey: execdirector@nistkids.org.

BoD contact availability include: