Parking Lot Safety

Safety is one of the top priorities at the CCC. We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone (parents and staff) to remain vigilant at all times when walking and driving in the CCC parking lot and West Drive. The safety of children, staff and parents requires everyone’s cooperation. Accidents can happen quickly!

When driving ...

  • When approaching NIST CCC, be extra vigilant of pedestrians crossing West Drive between the center and the 226 parking lot. This is especially important at peak pickup time (5-6 p.m.) when staff members who park on the 226 parking lot might be crossing the road.
  • The CCC parking lot is one-way, with a speed limit of 10 mph.
  • Please drive slowly and stay alert when you are in the parking lot. Small children can dart out in front of or behind cars. Also, please be on alert for any persons (pedestrians, on bikes or bike trailers, in cars) in the parking lot.
  • Please respect the bus signals; it is illegal to pass the bus when the lights are flashing. At all other times, we strongly advise against going around another car as this can further reduce visibility.
  • Parking outside of designated marked parking spaces is prohibited. The NIST police actively issues tickets to cars illegally parked on campus, including the CCC parking lot.
  • Cell phone use while driving is prohibited. Reduce any potential distractions to ensure awareness of the road and the surroundings.
  • Please do not leave unattended cars running in the parking lot. Idling engines create unnecessary air pollution. Children are especially vulnerable as they inhale more air in proportion to their weight.

When walking ...

  • Please ensure children are well supervised at all times in and around the parking lot. Please carry or hold a young child's hand when crossing parking lots. Take the opportunity to teach the child to look both ways - left, right, left - before crossing.
  • Please use sidewalks to the extent possible.
  • Otherwise, please be aware of cars backing up (rear lights on). Vehicles will have blind spots.

Please see below for additional safety related documents on parking lot, pedestrian and winter safety. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

ped safety(1).pdf