The registry is intended to help publishers and libraries identify interest in using NISO SERU for electronic resources. Each section of the Registry can be accessed via tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet shown below.  (Early-implementor organizations, which joined the SERU registry during the original trial period in 2007/2008, are marked with an asterisk [*].)

Publishers who wish to use SERU with any of their products and librarians who would like to request that SERU apply to some of their products should sign up via the NISO form to be added to this Registry. Please email if you have any questions.

It is understood that SERU may not apply to or be appropriate for all products in all situations and that joining this Registry does not place any requirement on these parties to commit to SERU.

NISO SERU Registry
This information is provided by NISO, National Information Standards Organization.