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Orchestra is one of 3 music options your child has when entering into middle school! Students do NOT have to have any previous experience in music to be successful in Orchestra. You also don't have to purchase an instrument for your child to join our orchestra program. We start from square one and go from there!

Being a part of our Orchestra is really like having a home away from home - which is so important in the middle school years. Having a place to belong, a place where they feel comfortable, surrounded by quality friends is key to middle school success. That family atmosphere is a huge part of why the Orchestra at Wilson has been so successful, why so many kids choose to stay in Orchestra through middle school, and it's something we are very proud of. In addition, being a member of a group that excels gives students confidence that carries over into other aspects of their lives.

Have fun checking out all the cool things about Orchestra on this site! We are intensely proud of our past, delighted about our present orchestras, and excited about the future of the Wilson Orchestra!


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Family Atmosphere

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Wilson Orchestra Vision

In the Wilson Orchestra, we are committed to giving our students opportunities for personal growth through quality musical experiences.

Wilson Orchestra Mission

We believe in working within our community (teachers, students, parents, administrators, and private lesson staff) to build a safe and supportive culture where progress is celebrated, a growth mindset is encouraged, learning is continual for everyone, and where students have ownership of their learning and musical journey.

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