"All The World's A Stage"

William Shakespeare

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To inspire, nurture, challenge, amaze, educate and empower artists and audiences, in order to make the eaton community a more conscious and compassionate one.

Who Are We?

Established in the fall of 2015 the theater arts program at V. R. Eaton High School is designed for young artists who are serious about their craft. Through challenging coursework and guidance from a faculty of artist-educators, students develop their skills in all aspects of theater. Each year, the program presents up to six productions, giving students a chance to explore a wide variety of repertoire and roles.

The Performance training is Stanislavsky/Adler-based and incorporates techniques designed to help the students explore the full potential of their own unique resources while using their imagination. Theater Arts also offers a concentration in Design and Production that provides pre-professional training in all aspects of technical theater. When students leave Eaton High School, they have a broad range of experiences and are prepared for success in university, conservatory or professional theater.