Goals for 2018-2019

Goal #1:

Collaboration with teachers and grade levels:

  • Communicate with ILT members on a regular basis (twice a month) to get input concerning what library activities will best support the classroom.
  • Attend PLCs or planning sessions on a monthly basis to ensure that I know what is currently being covered in the classroom.
  • More effective technology collaboration with teachers

Goal #2:

Work on updating blog with information about what is happening in the library as well as teaching and learning tips:

  • After a successful activity, take time to blog about the activity
  • Post my newsletters through a tagging system in blogger
  • Add a page for technology tips and tools

Goal #3:

Provide a more open and authentic use of our Maker Space items.

  • After school coding club for kids will be implemented
  • Maker Space time during recess - plan is in progress
  • Makers with a Cause - see Gina Seymour's book. I plan to focus some of my Maker Space projects around specific areas that we need to address related to Social Emotional Learning.

Goal #4:

More involvement and understanding of curriculum in NISD

  • Set aside time to study and internalize the district curriculum
  • Applied to be on the curriculum writing team
  • Will attend Engage sessions related to curriculum as possible.

April Scott - LMS Goal Document