What are we doing?

The ADDRESS-2 study team is working with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) on a project to test an app to make it easier for patients and the public to get information about research in the NHS. The pilot app (Our Research) was developed by and with patients. The first version has been designed to focus on diabetes research.

Find out more about ADDRESS-2 here.

Find out more about the NIHR here.

If you would like to find out more about the Our Research app before deciding whether to take part, please visit the About this App page.

Why are we inviting you to help?

We are inviting you because you are ideally suited to help us with this project:

  • We need people who have taken part in a research study in the NHS, and you are taking part in the ADDRESS-2 study, which is running in the NHS and supported by the NIHR.
  • We need people who are interested in getting information about research, and you registered an interest in getting information about diabetes research as part of joining ADDRESS-2.
  • We need people who have given permission to be contacted via text and email about research, and you gave this permission when you joined ADDRESS-2.

As a participant in ADDRESS-2, you are part of the largest group of research participants with recent-onset type 1 diabetes, or with a sibling with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Together you make up a unique group of people with experience of taking part in research in the NHS and an interest in finding out more about diabetes research.

You do not have get involved in this project. It is up to you to decide. You can opt out at any stage by texting the word 'withdraw' to 07950 080 694, which is our designated NIHR telephone number.

What are we asking you to do?

Firstly, if you choose to take part in this study, please reply to the NIHR number (07950 080 694) with the word 'Consent'. This will give the NIHR permission to contact you directly. You will then receive a text message from the NIHR thanking you for your interest in the 'Our Research' App, and providing you with a link to some download instructions. Separate instructions will be available on this page to enable you to download this app on either Android or iOS devices.

Please note, the app is just a pilot at this stage, and not available via the app store. Therefore, there are a few steps involved in the download process. Please bear with us, and note that the NIHR team will be on hand during the process to provide any technical support. If you require assistance or further information at any point, please text 'HELP' to 07950 080 694, or email

You will be contacted by the NIHR team one week after the initial text message is sent, to find out if you have been able to download the app, and to offer assistance if required. You will also receive an optional SMS survey, to gather some feedback about your experience of taking part in research. Remember, by consenting to take part in this study you are not obligated to complete this survey.

Two weeks after you have downloaded the app, you will then receive an optional in-app survey to collect feedback on your user experience, and to find out what sort of features you would like to see within the app for future phases of development. Again, please be assured that this is an optional survey, however, all feedback received will be very valuable in shaping the future design and functionality of the app. Please note the email address will also be available to capture any comments, issues, or feedback.

What are the next steps?

Thank you for reading this page- we hope you have found it useful. If you would like to participate in the study by downloading the app, please text the word 'Consent' to the NIHR number (07950 080 694), and you will receive a link to the download instructions.

If you would not like to take part, you will not need to respond at all to the NIHR number. None of your data will be stored.