Better Healthcare Through More Inclusive Research

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In 2017, the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (CRN) executive team commissioned a project, that aimed to improve the inclusion of under-served groups into clinical research. The project is led by Professor Lynn Rochester with support from the CRN Cluster E team, Eleanor Anderson, Kim Down, and Dr Gary Nestor, and is hosted by Newcastle University.

INCLUDE provides the tools and roadmap to address this important topic informed through our work with a diverse group of stakeholders. Read on to learn more about INCLUDE and how you can access the information.

NIHR INCLUDE Stakeholder Online Event: 7th October 2021

This thought-provoking, free online event took place on Thursday 7th October 2021, in which attendees found out more about INCLUDE, the NIHR CRN Specialty Cluster E's Emerging Technology and Innovation project relating to improving health research for under-served groups.

The overall purpose of this virtual event was to share our findings to date on the INCLUDE project, celebrate successes, thank all our supporters and share what's next for INCLUDE. See event programme here.

The event covered the following themes:

  1. Our INCLUDE framework and implementation

  2. Exploring evidence of progress and application

  3. The future of INCLUDE and considering the next steps

Information on how to access the presentations from the event will be coming shortly.

To all our stakeholders in the meantime - thank you for all your valuable support and contributions throughout this project!

Email for further information.

And we are live! Introducing the NIHR INCLUDE online course

Are you interested in improving the inclusion of under-served groups in health research, but not sure where to start? Have you ever wondered why it is so important to include under-served groups in health research? And what do we even mean by ‘under-served’? These questions - and more - can be answered by INCLUDE’s free online course, established in partnership with our colleagues in NIHR Workforce, Learning and Organisational Development. It is free to register on the NIHR Learn platform. Why not check out INCLUDE’s online course today?

This guidance from the NIHR INCLUDE Project summarises what an under-served group is, provides a roadmap suggesting intervention points to improve inclusion, examples of under-served groups and example barriers to inclusion. It offers a suggested framework of questions to guide the deliberations of funders, researchers and delivery teams as they design and assess clinical research proposals, and ends with examples of good practice and other resources to guide teams seeking to engage with, and improve inclusion of, under-served groups in clinical research.

This guidance from the NIHR INCLUDE Project makes recommendations and suggestions for how under-served groups can be more successfully included in COVID-19 research. These cover research priority setting; funding bodies strategic priorities; research investigator questions; initial design and funding; final study design; study delivery; study closure and analysis; and impact, dissemination and engagement.

Video: Including under-served groups in COVID-19 research

This is an introduction to including Under-served groups in COVID research by Professor Miles Witham, National Lead for the Ageing Specialty Group

This article is about developing a roadmap to improve trial delivery for under-served groups: results from a UK multi-stakeholder process.

This article is about ensuring COVID-19 research is inclusive: and makes reference to the guidance from the NIHR INCLUDE project.