Urgent Public Health Research

This page provides a platform for relevant information and links to official guidance regarding Urgent Public Health Research and COVID-19 studies. Please note, all teams should always refer to their employing organisations for general staff guidance and updates regarding COVID-19.

Latest Updates

You can find all the latest updates regarding Urgent Public Health (UPH) research studies, including vaccine trials, in our COVID-19 Research Round-up which is usually published weekly on a Friday.

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If you have any queries please contact us at at covid19.eastern@nihr.ac.uk.

Update: Wednesday 2 June 2021

Implementation of national managed recovery of the NIHR CRN Portfolio

Following the launch of the 'Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery Vision', and as the pressures of COVID-19 ease, plans to recover the NIHR CRN’s research portfolio are being developed at pace. Work to transition existing Urgent Public Health (UPH) studies onto the wider portfolio has begun and, as of the end of May 2021, COVID-19 studies on the NIHR CRN are now treated as part of a UPH speciality, alongside other specialities as part of managing a diverse portfolio.

For more information on this and the sequencing of studies as part of the managed recovery, visit the NIHR website.

If you have any queries regarding this, email us at crneastern@nihr.ac.uk.

Links to official information and guidance

CRN Eastern information and guidance

Current COVID-19 studies in CRN Eastern

View our list of all the current prioritised COVID-19 studies in our live spreadsheet.

Our Urgent Public Health Research Delivery Plan

View the current CRN Eastern Urgent Public Health Research Delivery Plan.


The NIHR COVID-19 Research Activity Dashboard App can be accessed on the Open Data Platform.

UK Government/NIHR information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on research delivery

NIHR Restart research framework

Find out more about the NIHR's plan to restart research at https://www.nihr.ac.uk/researchers/restarting-research.htm

Government support and funding for COVID-19 Studies

Applications are no longer being accepted for studies to be designated as Urgent Public Health. Find out more on the NIHR website.

NIHR website for information on COVID-19

The national NIHR COVID-19 website is www.nihr.ac.uk/covid-19/.

NIHR prioritised COVID-19 studies

The NIHR's live webpage listing all prioritised COVID-19 studies can be found at https://www.nihr.ac.uk/covid-19/urgent-public-health-studies-covid-19.htm

Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC)

The NIHR has issued official guidance from DHSC on the impact of COVID-19 on research funded or supported by NIHR, updated 19 March 2020. (linked here 16/03/20).

Health Research Authority

The Health Research Authority (HRA) have also published guidance on COVID-19 which relates to Research Ethics Committee and NHS arrangements (linked here 16/03/20).

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA)

Guidance on Managing Clinical Trials during Coronavirus (COVID -19) (linked here 27/03/20).

Other official guidance regarding COVID-19

NHS England

For up to date information for clinicians regarding COVID-19 visit the NHS England website.

UK Government

The UK Government have also published guidance to assist professionals when speaking to the general public, which you can access on gov.uk.

Contact us

For any queries about the CRN Eastern Urgent Public Health Research Delivery Plan and COVID-19 please email us at covid19.eastern@nihr.ac.uk or call 01603 287457.

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