Mathematical Modeling for Micro-finance


05th & 06th June 2018

LJAD Campus Valrose

University of Nice

In framework of a multidisciplinary project "Mathematical Interactions and Economics",

We organise a meeting to discuss mathematical models, used Markov chains or Bernoulli processes to analyze economic and financial issues, especially models for microfinance .

γ, β −, β + ,ε ,α, r, r 0 , δ

Well known to his Stochastic Calculus skills, his interest to Financial Bubbles and Models of Liquidity,

Pr. Philip Protter

will be our honorary speaker.

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Participants :

Pr . Marc Diener, Ljad University of Nice

Pr . Francine Diener, Ljad University of Nice

Dr Fouad Koudjeti, Finance Specialist, Amsterdam *

Dr Nahla Dhib, Ljad University of Nice

Dr. Mamourou Sidiki, GREDEG University of Nice

PhD student Djaffar Lessy, Ljad University of Nice